When an 8-year-old boy struggling with leukemia dropped out of school because of his deteriorating health condition, his parents had no idea that a girl from his class would cheer him up by agreeing to go out with him on a date.


David Spisak was two years old when doctors told his parents something that changed their lives forever. The little Chesapeake, Virginia resident had cancer which would only worsen with time.

After the scary diagnosis, David underwent two transplants. During one of them, his 10-year-old sister was the donor. However, despite doctors’ best efforts, the little boy’s cancer returned thrice.


No More Treatment

When David’s doctor told his parents that his cancer had returned in March 2015, they decided to stop the treatment. Watching their little boy go through painful procedures only to learn that nothing worked was a daunting experience.

The devastated parents thought not letting their son undergo treatment would allow him to spend time like other children his age. They wanted him to enjoy his life to the fullest.

After David’s cancer treatment stopped, he was able to go to school for some time before his condition worsened. He started second grade in September and met someone special there.



He Liked a Girl

David’s mother, Amber Spisak, knew that her boy liked someone in school, but she didn’t know who it was or how serious he was about her. However, once she learned who the girl was, she reached out to her mother without wasting time.

With his parents’ support, David took his relationship to the next level by asking Ayla out on a date.

The little boy met the girl, Ayla, in his art class and thought she was beautiful and kind. Without hesitating, David told her he liked her and recalled that she had a “surprised face.”

Before David could spend more time with his crush in school, he had to drop out because of his deteriorating health. However, he didn’t lose contact with his classmates because they sent him cards at home.



She Missed Him

Amber was delighted to learn that David’s classmates loved him, but something about those cards surprised her. She noticed that Ayla had sent multiple cards to David stating that she missed him a lot, and a few of his classmates had also written about Ayla’s feelings for David.

Amber wasn’t expecting a girl in her son’s class would miss him terribly during his absence. To see what David thought about her, Amber asked him about Ayla.

David said that Ayla was like “Snow White.” He also revealed that Ayla was extra kind to him because she loved him. Amber wasn’t expecting her son would say something like this. She was delighted to see how her son’s face lit up when he talked about the girl he liked.



The Next Step

After realizing how much David liked his classmate, Amber contacted Ayla’s mother and told her about the entire situation. Amber said:

“She’s definitely had an impact on his spirit, and I haven’t seen this side of him in a long time.”

With his parents’ support, David took his relationship to the next level by asking Ayla out on a date. He invited her to bowl on their first date, and she accepted his invitation.


His First Date

David was in a wheelchair when he met Ayla, but that didn’t affect their bond. A true gentleman, the little boy gave his first date roses and a teddy bear while she pushed his wheelchair and showed him around.

Ayla’s mother and Amber were happy to see how their children enjoyed each other’s company. That night, David stood up from his wheelchair and walked for the first time in many days. He also got his first kiss on the cheek from the girl he liked.

“Their story is definitely something everyone can learn from,” Ayla’s mother said. She and Amber thought their children’s connection was pure and unique.



David’s first date was a memorable experience for him, and his parents were happy to watch him enjoy his last days instead of going in and out of hospitals. They felt delighted to see their son share a wholesome bond with Ayla.

Sometimes, all we need is love to make us feel better, and David’s story accurately represents this saying. Spending a day with his favorite person made him feel better during the last days of his life.

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