90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Mary De Nucciõ (née Rosa) and Brandan De Nucciõ have taken the next step in their attempt to salvage their rocky relationship.

After Brandan’s mother, Angela Stiggins, told the bickering couple that they needed therapy during part three of the season 5 tell-all event, which aired on Monday, December 18, there was hesitation from both Brandan — and particularly Mary — who said she feared she would be judged.

After further discussion, Mary, 23, agreed to “try therapy.” She did, however, defend her previous “crazy” behavior on the spinoff by saying her insecurity and love for Brandan, also 23, caused her to act erratically.

Mary wasn’t the only one to admit to poor behavior in their relationship, though. Brandan said he sometimes refers to Mary as a “scammer” or a “bitch” during their fights, and Mary added he has even yelled at her while she was holding their baby girl, Midnight.

Suggesting the couple try therapy wasn’t the first time Brandan’s mother offered her insights into their relationship. During a July episode of The Other Way, Angela, 43, said Brandan and Mary had “built a foundation on jealousy and distrust.” Angela has made it clear throughout the season that she does not approve of Mary, calling her manipulative and accusing her of isolating her son from his family.

While Angela’s advice is typically not well received by Brandan and Mary – ​during the show’s October 23 episode, Mary even called Angela a “mean girl” – Mary and Angela seemed to experience a breakthrough in their relationship during a heart-to-heart on November 13.

“You’re gonna make a great mother. And you will have the ability and potential to be a really great wife,” Angela told Mary, adding that Mary didn’t have to “do this alone.”

Mary and Brandan dated for two years before meeting in person in Mary’s native Philippines. In July 2023, In Touch exclusively confirmed the couple had tied the knot.

Despite her hesitation about her son getting married, Angela documented the pair’s Philippines ceremony via social media, and even suggested her son’s love had inspired her to make positive changes in her own life.

“I made it home!! It’s bittersweet,” Angela wrote via Instagram on April 28. “I miss my son and his family in the Philippines already but glad to be back in my own bed. This trip has put a lot of things into perspective for me and I’m ready to really start living life to the fullest.”

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