AN Italian woman died after eating a “vegan” tiramisu that was later found to have been laced with milk.

Anna Bellisario, 20, fell ill after having dinner with her boyfriend in a supposedly vegan restaurant – and a manslaughter probe has been launched.

Anna Bellisario, vegan, died after eating tiramisu in Milan, Italy
Anna Bellisario, vegan, died after eating tiramisu in Milan, ItalyCredit: Newsflash
Bellisario died after eating tiramisu in a Milan restaurant
Bellisario died after eating tiramisu in a Milan restaurantCredit: Alamy

Tests later revealed that the dessert had contained mascarpone, a type of soft Italian cream cheese made with milk, which killed her.

Bellisario, who was vegan due to a severe allergy to dairy, went into anaphylactic shock on January 26 last year after the meal.

A restaurant worker tried to revive the young woman but failed, as did medics who rushed to the scene.

She was declared dead on February 5 at a Milan hospital.


Milan prosecutors said: “The quantity of caseins found in the product in question indicates that mascarpone was present in the preparation as an ingredient and not as a simple contaminant.”

They have since said the tiramisu was “fatal for the victim”.

Caseins are a protein found in milk which cause reactions in those with an allergy.

Prosecutor Marcello Viola said the company that made the tiramisu, a mother-and-daughter company called Glg srl, is being investigated for manslaughter.

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And Italian outlet Corriere della Sera said two women who run the pastry shop which supplied the dessert are under investigation.

The investigation has reportedly found so far that the dessert suppliers had mixed up vegan treats with those containing milk.

Prosecutors have so far drawn a “a worrying picture of unscrupulousness”.

Investigators have ruled out that the pudding may have been contaminated as its packaging was well sealed.

The investigations into Bellisario’s death are ongoing.

Apparently the 20-year-old double checked after ordering the dessert that it was safe for her to eat.

She was then assured it was safe, before feeling sick by just the second mouthful, Corriere della Sera reports.

Bellisario reportedly ran to the bathroom to try and vomit and took the medication she always carried with her in case of anaphylactic shock.

She then fainted shortly after and was rushed to hospital.

The tiramisu that killed her, Tiramisu Mascherpa, was taken off the market by the Italian health ministry the day after Bellisario died over fears it contained milk proteins.


Other tiramisu packaging made by the same company reportedly contained traces of milk protein.

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