Billy Gardell’s Weight Loss Transformation Photos: Then and Now


“I went from a young Jackie Gleason to an old Paul Newman,” the Billy joked during an April 19 appearance on Live With Kelly and Mark about how different he looked following his dramatic weight loss.

The comedian explained how the COVID-19 pandemic caused him to “make some changes” over the “last three years.”

“I had a lot of the dangerous [comorbidities],” he explained. “When they made that list of, you know, overweight. Type 2 diabetes. Smoker. Asthma. I’m like, ‘Check! Check! Bingo!’”

Billy underwent bariatric surgery in 2021 and revealed, “My diabetes is gone, so it’s all good stuff.” However, he still occasionally has the urge to eat more than his body will allow.

“The Hulk is still in there,” he said, explaining, “I’m constantly a hostage negotiator between my brain and my stomach because my brain’s like, ‘Uh, you can’t eat that, you can’t eat that! You’re full!’ My stomach’s, like ‘That’s never stopped us before.’ So I have to balance it, but I work on it every day.”

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