• Iconic singer Billy Joel was “thrilled” to become a dad of 3 at 68.

  • The singer found love again late in life as he has always dreamt of being loved.

  • Billy enjoys his life to the fullest with his young family!


Billy Joel, an icon in the music world, has recently entered a new phase in his life. Albeit later than most others, Joel has talked about how happy this change has made him and the love he feels.

Many congratulated the icon on his happy news, and he thanked those who supported him in entering this stage in his life. However, it has not been easy for him to get to this place in his life.


Joel as often talked about the fact that he did not feel he had true love in his life. He acknowledged that his fans loved him but were conscious of the fact that none of them truly knew him.

He said fans could be screaming his name and telling him they loved him, but they would never know his innermost thoughts and feelings. He shared:

“You just need one — one person out of millions — to know and accept and love you for being, well, just the way you are.”


Joel so badly wanted to find that love that he was married four times. Yet it was not until his last marriage that he finally found what he was looking for. Before he settled down and had children with his current partner, he had trouble understanding why he was failing in love.

The singer couldn’t grasp that other people were falling in love and settling down when he was trying so hard. He did not understand why it was so much easier for other people than it seemed to be for him.


Talking about what he observed in the world each day and what he thought when he saw other people getting the things he wanted, Joel admitted:

“I used to wonder: How come I don’t have that? I can dream about it, think about it, write music and lyrics and sing about it. I can even try to achieve it again, and often have.”


Now, he has finally achieved his lifelong dream in his late 60s and has even been able to welcome three children. He lives a full and happy life spending time with his family and relishing in finding lasting love.

How Did Billy Joel Become a Dad of Three?

Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick have been together for many years; they have been dating since 2009. The couple surprised fans by getting married on July 4, 2015, at Joel’s Long Island estate. The pair have also welcomed two children together.


The couple’s first daughter, Della Rose, was born in August 2015. She was born one month after he parents tied the knot. Joel was happy to become a father again, and his mother and daughter were doing well after the birth.

Later, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Remy Anne, into their family. Joel was 68 then and said he was “thrilled” to become a father again. He mentioned that he and his eldest daughter, whom he welcomed with Christie Brinkley, were in the room when Alexis gave birth.


Joel’s eldest daughter is Alexa Ray, who is much older than her younger siblings. She was welcomed during Joel’s second marriage. She is only four years younger than Joel’s current wife.

What Is Billy Joel Up To Now?

Joel is now 73, and even though he has taken a step back from his music career, he is still enjoying his life with his young wife and two young daughters. He also often sees his eldest daughter.


The singer often posts about his family on social media and shows off their special occasions with pride. In early December last year, Joel posted a photo of his two youngest daughters at the Sydney Zoo.

He also shares milestones on social media, such as a post he made in August last year, wishing his middle daughter a happy birthday. On Instagram, he shared a photo of himself, his wife, and his two youngest daughters.

The photo showed the family smiling as they gathered near a “Spongebob” themed cake with a “Spongebob” figurine in the background. Both his daughters wore swimsuits and appeared fresh out of the water in the snap.



He also shares special occasions that he and Alexis share. In July last year, he took to Instagram to share their 7th wedding anniversary. He posted a series of photos of him and Alexis throughout the years.

Joel shared that in thirteen years together, they had acquired three dogs, two daughters, and a marriage. The photos showed Alexis and Joel smiling and happy. The last one showed them blowing out the candle on a cake.


On Father’s Day last year, Joel took to Instagram again to wish fathers and uncles that had helped raise his daughters a Happy Father’s Day. He signed off by saying:

“Love, your very favorite girl gang.”

He had also shared photos on his birthday and once shared a snap of him and his daughter on stage in Melbourne, where his daughter appeared to be participating in his sound check before he performed at a cricket game.


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