Host Alex Marlow begins today’s podcast by explaining one of the scariest words in all of economics: stagflation. Stagflation happens when the economy is slowing and prices are still rising, and that’s exactly what’s happening now. Alex explains why and what it means. Then he launches into a discussion of the speech wars that are raging throughout the country, particularly in the media space. While CNN, Netflix, Disney, Facebook, and more are reporting horrible numbers (no doubt partially due to leftist politics), the Biden administration is ramping up its efforts to censor you. Yes, you. Alex reports more details on the new Ministry of Truth and the radical millennial who is in charge of it. Then he gets into a huge deal the government cut with Establishment/Big Tech/Deep State anti-free speech activists at NewsGuard. It should lead to hearings, but we shall see. We have two guests on the show today. First, we hear from Ohio Senate candidate and author J.D. Vance, who has locked up an endorsement from President Trump in the final days of the primary campaign. And then author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza explains how his new movie 2000 Mules will change the way you view our elections forever.

The Breitbart News Daily Podcast runs Monday through Friday as a “Director’s Cut” of the SXM Patriot radio show. Hosted by Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow, you’ll hear Alex’s take on the big political stories, interviews with various newsmakers, and the Patriot “Caller of the Day.”

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