Jason Carden is the husband of Hollywood actress D’Arcy Carden. They have been married for 12 years after tying the knot on July 31, 2010. Nevertheless, when choosing who to dedicate her second tattoo to, D’Arcy chose her new dog over her husband and father.


D’Arcy is a relatively well-known actress who has made several television and movie appearances. Her most significant contribution to date was her portrayal of Janet in “The Good Place,” where she had a leading role and appeared in 53 episodes. Those appearances earned her Critics’ Choice and Primetime Emmy Awards nominations.

Despite having married long ago and publicly declaring their desire to become parents, D’Arcy and Jason are still waiting for their first child. Perhaps D’Arcy’s busy schedule as an actress has played a part as she has admitted she still needs to find the right balance between work and parenting before committing to having kids.


She Once Thought about Getting a Tattoo on Her Husband’s Birthday

In 2019, D’Arcy, who already had a tattoo printed just below her left elbow, thought of adding another. The existing tattoo showed three fletched arrows representing her three siblings and a slight twist of her maiden name, Erokan (styled as Arrowcan).

While in The Big Apple that year, she spent some time at Rosa Bluestone Perr’s private studio. Rosa Bluestone Perr is a well-known tattoo artist who plies her trade in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens in Brooklyn. She is famous for her “stick and poke” style of tattooing, which sounds frightening to some, including D’Arcy.



When D’Arcy went to the tattoo shop, she was unsure what she wanted to be inked on her body. She had options of a crown, a tribute to her father’s little motto, “You are the king to the world,” or her husband’s birthday. Ultimately, she went with the symbol “¢.” The sign is said to honor Penny, her floppy-eared dog.

She explained her decision to choose her fur friend over her father and husband, saying, “She’s, like, my new love. I’ve loved my dad for many decades. And I’ve loved my husband for many years. But I’m newly in love with my dog.”


D’Arcy Admitted She Is ‘Obsessed’ with Jason

Not much is known about D’Arcy and Jason’s private lives. However, they are an ever-present feature in each other’s Instagram posts, albeit accompanied by short captions. Most probably, one of the more extended captions D’Arcy shared was on Jason’s birthday on July 7, 2022, when she wrote:

“Happy birthday Jason. [I]’m obsessed with you. Sorry.”

The couple appears to enjoy each other’s company and have a comedic-filled relationship. On one occasion, they captured themselves drinking double cappuccinos before “SNL” and buzzing on caffeine after the show.



The Couple Is Currently Child-Free, but That Might Change

During a relatively busy career that saw her first appearance on television on “Homeschooled” in 2009, D’Arcy and Jason have remained childless. But that does not mean that the couple does not want any children.

While speaking to Dax Shepherd on his “Armchair Expert” podcast, D’Arcy expressed her long-standing desire to have kids. She added that they want to have children in the future but still need to figure out how to make it work.


The actress revealed her plans to use In vitro fertilization (IVF) to help the couple get pregnant. However, D’Arcy is adamant that she must find a balance between working and being a mother before eventually going on that path.

Shepherd, who shares two daughters with actress Kristen Bell, assured D’Arcy they would make great parents as their children already adore them. It seems that it is only a matter of time before the couple realizes that goal.


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