James Gunn is answering fan questions about the DC Universe, including J.J. AbramsSuperman project.

The DC Studios co-head took to Threads to interact with his fans and confirmed that Abrams’ Superman Elseworld film was still in development.

In 2021, it was reported that Abrams was producing a Superman reboot with Ta-Nehisi Coates attached as a writer. No plot for the film was revealed, but this Superman would exist in an alternate universe, not the same one that Gunn is developing for Superman Legacy.

David Corenswet is set to be the next Man of Steel, with Rachel Brosnahan cast as Lois Lane. A fan asked the filmmaker if Corenswet did a wardrobe test with the Superman costume and Gunn gave a little insight of the process.

“Yes, everyone who screen tested was screen tested in the previous [Superman] suit (although David had a hard time fitting as he’s so tall!),” Gunn shared.

James Gunn answers fan questions on Threads

With many DC films in development and starting production soon, a fan inquired on holding an open casting call to fill some of those roles with Gunn sharing the difficulties of doing so.

“I’ve done open casting calls & they’re difficult because you get thousands upon thousands of people auditioning & less than 0.1% of them are as good as the average actor who comes through the door with an agent,” he posted on Threads. “But I wouldn’t rule it completely out – perhaps when auditioning someone of a very specific type, for instance.”

James Gunn answers fan questions on Threads

Superman: Legacy is on track to premiere on July 11, 2025.

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Source: DLine

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