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  • Donny Osmond is a doting grandfather of 14 with an orchard dedicated to honoring them.
  • While speaking about his legacy, the star revealed that throughout his career, he always ensured that his family was put first no matter what.
  • Osmond has been through many challenges, including suffering from immobility issues. However, despite all the ups and downs, his wife and family never left his side.


Famous singer, dancer, actor, and TV host Donny Osmond has faced many uphill battles. From debilitating anxiety to near bankruptcy and numerous career setbacks, he has managed to weather the storm over the course of his six-decade-long career in show business.

He also has a new and highly successful solo residency in Las Vegas. The “Goin’ Coconuts” talent credits his wife of over 40 years, Debbie Osmond, as someone whom, without her enduring support, he claims he would never be able to have made it.


Osmond stated that his wife gave him the sense of stability he needed in order to keep his feet planted on the ground. The happy couple first met when she was a 15-year-old cheerleader, and he was a 16-year-old star on the rise. The simplicity of her enthralled him during what was a highly complex life for him at the time.

The pair started dating and even managed to keep their romance a secret for three years. When 1978 rolled around, the young couple announced their engagement which came as quite a shock to Osmond’s fans, having heard nothing about them dating, to begin with.


After getting married, the couple went on to have five sons. From very early on in his career, Osmond knew the importance of making family one of the biggest priorities in one’s life. He reports his family to be the most vital entity in his life, even above his work:

“That’s what balances my life out. Family is the most important thing because the curtain will come down eventually, and then what do you have?”


Donny Osmond’s Life & Legacy: For Him, It’s Family over Everything

When it comes to understanding how Osmond manages to have a successful career and a happy family, it’s all about balance. He believes that to live a fulfilled life; one must be willing to make certain sacrifices. Speaking with Closer magazine, Osmond talked about the many incredible opportunities he decided to pass on because it was for the betterment of his family.

The actor adores his family, especially all 14 of his grandchildren, and he and his wife built a special area for them to play in at their house, and the space boasts beautiful waterfalls and lavish gardens. Osmond says that for every grandchild, they plant a tree in the woodsy part of the backyard that also includes a big fire pit where the entire family enjoys making s’mores and engaging in conversation.


Osmond has accomplished many incredible feats throughout the span of his career. However, the star still maintains that his best accomplishment continues to be and will forever remain his family.


Of his five sons, Osmond spoke about how fostering an environment embedded in unconditional love was something paramount to the type of home he and his wife wanted to create for their children. By placing value on love and security instead of wealth, his sons grew up understanding that no matter their hardships – money problems and the like – they know they can always lean on their family to help them through the tough times.

The Osmond family values place loving each other, their neighbor, and God above all else. Of his family keeping him grounded in the crazy world of showbiz, Osmond shared:

“In the crazy world of entertainment, it is so comforting to live with my family in an area where we can just be a family. I know some people recognize me, but they are extremely polite.”



Donny Osmond Recovered from His Health Scare and Now Spends Most of His Time with His Grandkids

While gearing up to perform the last song of his final Las Vegas show with his sister, Osmond felt something was amiss with his body. During their performance, he stated not having any feeling in his arms and legs but didn’t tell anyone and proceeded to close out the show.

What Osmond didn’t know is that that moment would then lead to the most frightening 12 months of his life, where he would face his biggest hurdle yet. After consulting with his doctors, they told him his spine had shifted from previous dancing injuries.



One particularly menacing one was an injury he sustained during his time on “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2009. Osmond was told that he would need back and neck surgery as a result.

He planned to spend the recovery period in his home in Utah, but during this time, he acquired a secondary infection which rendered him immobilized. He endured months of rehab and went through a tough time but never gave up and, slowly but surely, began to walk again over the course of several months.


When it comes to being a grandad, Osmond takes the role very seriously. The doting grandpa relishes every moment he gets to spend with his grandchildren and never misses an opportunity to boast about them.

On his Instagram feed, fans can see the occasional adorable picture of him and his grandkids getting up to all sorts of family-filled fun. In one particular post, Osmond even quips about how the only other day that beats Father’s Day is Grandad’s Day.

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As a dedicated father and grandfather and an incredible performer with a hugely successful career, Osmond has gotten the best of both worlds. However, he did not do it alone and had his loving wife by his side throughout it all. Osmond attests to this:

“I am particularly grateful that my dear Debbie has been able to be home with our children and has been such a powerful and uplifting influence on each one of our family [members]. Especially in her great support of me in my [wild] career that takes me away from the home so much.”

Osmond has accomplished many incredible feats throughout the span of his career. However, the star still maintains that his best accomplishment continues to be and will forever remain his family.


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