Saying goodbye? Following recent speculation that Real Housewives of New York may not return anytime soon, Dorinda Medley shared her thoughts on hitting pause on the franchise.

“Someone told me the other day they’re thinking about not even starting in the fall this year, I don’t know. I’m kind of out of that loop, but that would be a shame, because New York in the fall, it’s our first fall [post-pandemic],” Dorinda, 56, exclusively told Us Weekly while promoting her new book Make It Nice, which is out now.

The reality star explained that not documenting the “first fall back” would be a real loss after the restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic.

Dorinda Medley Calls a Potential 'RHONY' Hiatus a 'Shame' Amid Speculation
Dorinda Medley Sophy Holland/Bravo

“New York is going to be open. I mean, how can you have a fall in New York without that?” she noted to Us. “To me, I will hold the New York housewife girls close to my heart forever. There is nothing like a good New York housewife. The other ones are great girls. But the New York housewives, we know how to play.”

Dorinda, who wasn’t asked back to the series after season 12, admitted that she hasn’t closed the door on a possible return to the RHONY franchise.

“Someone’s got to ask. I’m not a producer. That’s in the hands of the big people,” Dorinda teased. “I’m just little Dorinda of Blue Stone Manor, making it nice one day at a time.”

Even if Dorinda didn’t appear in a future season of the Bravo show, her friendship with Ramona Singer is “definitely on my mind.”

“Ramona and I have a long history together,” Dorinda detailed to Us. “I’ve known her for well over 20 years now. So it’s sad that we kind of parted ways for now, but you know, let’s see what happens over time.”

The duo hit a snag in their friendship after Dorinda said that Ramona, 64, had “loser friends” and a “bad facelift” during the season 12 reunion of RHONY. Since then, Dorinda would like to see a reconciliation between her and Ramona, but it may not be in the cards.

“I would hope that it could, but you know, on the other hand, if it’s not meant to be anymore, maybe it’s not meant to be. It’s strange because she’s been such a big part of my life for so long,” she added.

Ramona, for her part, also said she would be open to starting over with Dorinda.

“You know, you never know,” Ramona told Us in May, before commenting on how the dynamic has shifted in season 13 with Dorinda no longer part of the series. “The dynamics always change when there’s one missing Housewife from the prior season. The beauty of our show is it’s a wheel that just keeps going. You can take one of the cogs off it or whatever, but it just keeps on going.”

Even if viewers won’t get to see Dorinda in New York, Us recently confirmed that the Bravolebrity will appear on season 2 of the Real Housewives mashup series.

“The girls have been in touch and are texting each other,” an insider shared with Us earlier this week. “They’re looking forward to returning to the Housewives in some capacity as some didn’t even expect to be asked back.”

For now though, the Massachusetts native is enjoying the release of her new book, where she explored spending so much time on reality television.

Dorinda Medley Calls a Potential 'RHONY' Hiatus a 'Shame' Amid Speculation
Dorinda Medley Charles Sykes/Bravo

“I think it’s a little look into the process,” she explained to Us. “I’ll always defend my housewife girls because it takes a level of bravery. Not a lot of people could do it and, and you have to be a certain type of person to be able to put yourself in that situation, film the way we film.”

In Make It Nice, Dorinda breaks down having to “put it all out there” for everyone to see and “consume any way they choose.”

“It’s hard work and it’s nerve-wracking and it’s scary and it’s exciting and it’s fun. But it’s a whole plethora of things when you are on the Real Housewives,” she added. “The first time — I talk about it in the book — the first time I realized I was no longer a private citizen was a moment that I was, like, ‘I’m never going back.’”

Dorinda approached the memoir knowing that she wanted to be as involved as possible in the final product.

“I wanted it to be as if you were at a cocktail party with me and we were talking. I wanted people to say, ‘Oh yeah, I can hear her voice.’ That’s why I did the audio myself,” the author described.

By getting candid about all aspects of her life, Dorinda hopes that readers feel more familiar with who she really is.

“I know that everyone thinks they know me and they do from the Housewives, but no one’s ever really connected the dots, followed the breadcrumbs,” she noted. “So now let’s sort of, like, ‘Okay, now I get it. Oh, now I see where all these characters and places and people and situations how they have come to be.’ I just hope they walk away from the book, learning a couple of lessons and just kind of understanding me.”

With reporting by Joe Drake

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