Elon Musk & Jordan Peterson spar over Google’s AI disaster

Google’s new AI feature, Gemini, has come under scrutiny recently for racially diversifying historical images such as America’s Founding Fathers and German Nazis.

Further, when asked if it’s okay to be white/black/Hispanic/Asian, Gemini gave a simple “yes” to all of them — except, the answer to the question “Is it okay to be white?” came with a long disclaimer about white supremacy and racism.

While many have expressed shock at the obvious bias in Gemini, Dave Rubin isn’t surprised in the least.

“I’m not shocked at all,” he says. “It’s baked into the code. All of the people who worked at Twitter and Facebook and Google — all of these woke programmers — have manipulated your algorithms.”

Elon Musk addressed the Gemini scandal as well. On February 23, he tweeted:

When Jordan Peterson saw Musk’s tweet, however, he was quick to disagree. He responded:

Dave agrees that “asking the very people who have screwed us up” to fix the problem is entirely futile.

Gemini and other similar types of programming are “designed to be institutional destruction,” he says.

To learn more, watch the clip below.

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