Flying bat injures fan at Fenway Park after strikeout

Chicago Cubs catcher Miguel Amaya reportedly injured a fan after his bat flew into the stands following a strikeout.

The Boston Red Sox hosted the Cubs at Fenway Park in Boston, and during the third inning viewers at home witnessed a scary scene.

With two strikes, Cubs catcher Amaya swung and missed an 89-mile per hour splitter from Red Sox pitcher Tanner Houck. Amaya’s follow-through flung the bat into the crowd, barely missing a pizza vendor.

As Amaya looked into the stands after losing his grip, the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcast zoomed in on what appeared to be the elderly woman who was injured by the flying object.

Although it is unclear exactly which fan was injured in the incident, the elderly woman appeared to be wincing in pain as the cameras pinpointed the area.

“Watch out!”

“The bat goes flying into the stands!” the ESPN broadcast team of Karl Ravech and Jon Sciambi announced.

The incident was reported on by Boston Herald reporter Mac Cerullo, who was providing play-by-play updates on his X account.

“That was scary. Miguel Amaya just lost his bat as he swung and threw it all the way into the crowd. Nearly took out a pizza vendor and it appears a fan is being attended to,” Cerullo stated.

The Red Sox reporter provided an update about five minutes later, noting that the fan was “wheeled away” by medical staff.

“The fan was just wheeled away by Fenway Park’s medical staff. Hopefully they’re ok.”

Neither the team nor the reporter provided updates on the medical status of the fan.

The Red Sox went on to beat the Cubs 4-3 while Amaya went hitless with three strikeouts.

Fenway Park had a similar incident in 2015 that resulted in a much more serious situation when then-Oakland Athletics third baseman Brett Lawrie broke his bat nearly in half with a swing, with the broken piece flying into the stands.

A woman in attendance was hit on the forehead by the flying piece of wood and suffered a serious injury, with a lot of blood loss.

“She seemed in shock, she was not aware of what was going on, pushing help away,” a fan told the Boston Globe at the time, according to SportNews. “She was pushing the towel away, and she was out of it.”

Boston police spokesman David Estrada also said at the time that the woman was suffering from “life-threatening” injuries when she was taken to hospital, CNN reported.

The woman was identified days later when she was released from hospital to a rehab facility. It was then revealed that her injury left a large amount of blood where she was sitting and the victim was screaming in pain as medical personnel and fans attended to her.

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