Jordan L. Jones had the opportunity to work with his mother, Ptosha Storey, on screen in “Bel-Air” season two, and credits her for teaching him the value of hard work in the entertainment industry.

Jones is excited for viewers to see Jazz’s more human side in season two as he navigates his relationship with Hilary.

Jones declines to spoil the “Bel-Air” season two finale, but believes it will have “seven different endings.”

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In a recent interview with POPSUGAR, “Bel-Air” star Jordan L. Jones opens up about what makes the show so special and his experience working with his mother, Ptosha Storey, who played his TV mom. Jones reveals that his mom initially did not support his decision to pursue acting as a career. As an actress herself, she knows how difficult the industry can be. Still, Jones credits his mom for teaching him the value of hard work and earning his stripes as an up-and-comer. “The coolest part was that everything my mom has ever taught me about not getting handouts and putting the work in is coming to fruition on the same show that we’re working on together,” he said.

Jones also talks about what viewers can expect from his character, Jazz, in the rest of season two and the recently confirmed third season. He shares that Jazz will show a more human side this season as viewers get a closer look at how Jazz thinks about certain situations. Jones assures fans that they haven’t seen the last of Jazz and Hilary, despite their split in episode seven. The show’s season two finale promises to be even better than season one’s, with seven different endings for each character.

In addition to discussing “Bel-Air,” Jones also shares some personal details about himself, including his favorite cologne, dating red and green flags, and his perfect date. He also talks about his ideal day off, which includes staying active and being thankful for what he has. Finally, Jones reveals his dream travel destination: Australia.

Overall, Jones comes across as a grounded and hardworking actor, grateful for the opportunities he’s had and the lessons he’s learned from his mom. Fans of “Bel-Air” and Jones alike will appreciate this interview as a glimpse into the life of one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

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