Devastating flash floods affected many families in Knott County, Kentucky. One adopted daughter lost her parents, and she revealed their tragic story that displayed their true love for each other.


It can be challenging to pick up the pieces and rebuild when tragedy strikes. Many families have experienced the devastating loss of losing a loved one and carry the weight of grief.

One woman adored her adoptive parents, and they meant everything to her. Her entire world was turned upside down when they were ripped from her life.



Ashley June Collins was born into a home that wasn’t filled with love and stability. Thankfully, two kind angels adopted her and gave her the best life possible.

Collins needed her adoptive parents and couldn’t imagine a world without them. They were also wonderful grandparents to her four-month-old son, Bransyn.

Former healthcare workers Carol Miller, 72, and James Miller, 73, gained immense joy when Collins entered their home, and together their little family made many beautiful memories.



Collins was shown care and affection during her formative years, and she was eternally grateful for Carol and James, noting that she loved the couple with all her heart. She shared:

“They adopted me when I was only 3 years old and were the best parents I could ever ask for. I wouldn’t have made it in life without them. I was stuck in a home with no one who wanted me, and they saved me.”



Sadly, Collins didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to her beloved parents. The day after she turned 22, in July 2022, the couple’s house was washed away. The devastating Knott County floods wreaked havoc and left Collins fearing the worst.

She revealed that the house was submerged in “almost 40 feet of water.” While family members tried to reach the elderly couple, they failed because the weather conditions were too severe. The daughter added:

“The water was too much. It submerged my childhood home [and] washed [it] away.”




Collins needed her adoptive parents and couldn’t imagine a world without them. They were also wonderful grandparents to her four-month-old son, Bransyn—the thought of losing them was terrifying for the young mom.

However, Collins knew her mother wouldn’t leave her dad’s side. He had been bedridden for a year after a back surgery mishap. She explained:

“My father was bed-bound and could not get out. My parents have been together for 55 years, so I knew my mother would never leave him.”

Collins discovered that her mom attempted to carry her father to their vehicle to get them to safety. Sadly, she was unsuccessful, and the SUV was washed away by flood waters.




Authorities managed to find Collins’s father’s body. He had passed away, and they had still not located Carol by the end of July 2022. Collins recalled a video call with her parents the day before the floods struck and cherished the moment in her heart.

She was grateful for their lifetime of memories but was devastated to be without them. In an emotional Facebook post, Collins wrote:

“Lord, please help heal my heart, I love these people more than life itself, and I just can’t begin to think of going through life without them.”

The young mom added about her late father: “He was the best dad anyone could ask for. He was constantly giving and had the biggest heart.”



Other members of Collins’s family lived in the same area as her parents—the floods also displaced them. While Collins did not know the fate of everyone, she was happy to report relatives Sharon and Trey Beaver were found alive.

Collins created a GoFundMe page hoping kind-hearted netizens would help her cover funeral and home rebuilding expenses. The young mom noted:

“Due to circumstances, it will be a long time before any insurance or anything can help this situation, so no matter the amount of donation, I will be forever grateful.”

Collins also asked her late parents to be guardian angels, hoping they were at peace in heaven. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family during this heartbreaking time.

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