We’re all dying to know what Bryan and Sarah Baeumler make for their HGTV show, “Renovation Island.” Unfortunately, there are no confirmed numbers for this question. Thankfully, Distractify did some clever calculations so we can at least get a rough idea of what they might be bringing in for documenting their renovation journey. As the outlet points out, HGTV pays $45,000-$50,000 for an episode of “House Hunters,” so it’s probable that the Baeumlers make somewhere in this range. That would mean that, per season, they’re bringing in about $650,000.

There are a few other advantages that set the Baeumlers apart from other renovation shows. One is that Bryan owns their production company, Bryland Entertainment, Country Living notes, so everything is handled between the Baeumlers and HGTV. The second is that since “Renovation Island” is relegated to one location, as opposed to other shows that chronicle the transformation of several different locations, the film crew doesn’t have to move around as much. It’s location-specific, which is a huge asset with filming.

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