Grace Harry is a multi-talented individual who has been described as an inspirational boss lady. Harry was married to legendary R&B singer Usher. Usher’s ex-wife found joy and love after her divorce with another musician.


Before revealing how Grace Harry found joy and love again after her marriage of three years with legendary musician Usher ended, there’s a lot to know about this talented woman.

Born Michelle Grace Harry in Brooklyn, Harry was reportedly an executive chef on the famous TV show “The Cosby Show.” With the chef having a lot of contacts in the entertainment industry, from musicians to photographers and artists, Harry decided to move to music in 1992 after the show ended.

Usher and Grace Harry on November 9, 2017 in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images

Usher and Grace Harry on November 9, 2017 in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images


That was how her career in the music industry began, and she has since worked for top recording companies such as Island Def Jam Records, MCA Records, and Jive Records.

She’s a mother-of-two, an animal lover, and promoter of artists with love for abstract artwork. Grace Harry is also a philanthropist and worked with Usher’s charity New Look as one of the board members. She once said that her mother taught her “the importance of giving back” at a young age.


Harry was a big supporter of her former husband personally and professionally and has been by the singer’s side for almost a decade. Usher’s ex-wife was the musician’s manager while the pair were together. Harry, who Usher once called “an incredible partner,” helped him “through some of the hardest times” in his life and career.

Harry has since found joy and happiness again and spoke about her journey of self-discovery. The self-proclaimed “joy strategist” revealed during an interview with Coveteur how the quarantine helped her come to terms with certain misgivings.


In addition to resolving her unhappiness, the lockdown helped Harry gather a deep understanding of herself and what she would instead do with her life.

She also explained how some bizarre societal-imposed standards and definitions of right and wrong significantly hindered living for oneself.


According to the mother-of-two, deciding not to be inhibited by those restrictions was an essential step in finding joy and true happiness. She explained:

“Nobody is teaching us a daily connection of a toolbox that leads us to joy. It starts with a relationship with you and you.”

Harry disclosed her intentions to lead a “revolution of joy.” She believed this would help people find the truth and understand that joy was a birthright.


Harry’s journey to this new liberating chapter began years back, shortly after her divorce from ex-husband Usher. The two divorced in 2018 after spending three years together.

They revealed their intention to remain connected while nurturing their shared love and friendship.

During their years together, Harry served as Usher’s manager, which led many to believe Usher’s divorce filing may threaten their professional relationship.


Harry and Usher announced the impending split in a joint statement before their divorce, calling it a mutual decision.

However, they revealed their intention to remain connected while nurturing their shared love and friendship, saying:

“We remain deeply connected, loving friends who will continue supporting each other through the next phases of our lives.”


Their divorce came months after the musician came under fire for spreading the herpes virus to three people without their knowledge.

Usher faced three lawsuits from two women and a man who claimed to have had sexual encounters with the singer years ago.

The clients, who kept their identities hidden then, accused the singer of passing the virus on to them during their sexual charades.


Harry stood by her husband through the lawsuits and resulting scandals. As a result, many believed their marriage would survive for years to come. Therefore, their 2018 split came as a shock to the public.

Although the fate of their love and friendship is debatable, they are clearly making the most of their next phases.


Harry found love again with musician, songwriter, and drummer Questlove. Questlove, who was born Ahmir Khalib Thompson, is a member of the hip-hop band “The Roots.” The lovebirds occasionally share posts of each other on their social media. Questlove tweeted in late 2020 that he was in his “best relationship” and was extremely happy.

Harry and Questlove also moved in together after the songwriter bought a home in New York City following Covid-19. The apartment overlooks the city, and Harry has described the aesthetic in their home as “bright and colorful.”

The businesswoman’s former spouse has also moved on and is currently in a relationship with Jennifer Goicoechea. Usher’s partner is a music executive, and the two reportedly started dating in June 2019 after being seen together at a party.

Usher and Jennifer were photographed together kissing later that year in a picture photographer Jennifer Johnson shared on Instagram.


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