Is Dexter Reed the next George Floyd?

After the Chicago police shooting of Dexter Reed, the left seems to have found its next George Floyd.

Reed, a 26-year-old black man, was pulled over by police officers for not wearing a seatbelt. After the stop escalated into an altercation where he pulled a weapon and fired on police officers, one cop was injured and Reed sustained fatal injuries.

“I think that the mainstream media is trying to turn this into, like, the new George Floyd,” Sara Gonzales says before reviewing the body cam footage — which tells a different story than the accepted narrative.

Reed is seen initially complying with an officer’s order to roll down his window before rolling it up and refusing to comply. When the officer attempted to get him to open his car door, Reed began shooting at officers.

“It’s a lot of shots being fired at the cops,” Gonzales notes.

Eric July believes it’s not as black and white as the media is painting it. “If we look at it with zero nuance,” he says, we’ll see that a “person got shot and killed over seat belt.”

“That’s how essentially it’s going to be worded, though that’s not entirely accurate, and it’s just a little bit more complicated,” he says, noting that to go from not complying to attempting to shoot and kill someone is never the right move.

“That is the ultimate, utmost escalation,” July says.

While July didn’t believe the cops’ reaction was right either, he believes the media’s reaction makes it worse.

“I hate that the conversation immediately goes to race, because then at that point, what it does is absolve them of everything,” he explains.

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