Is Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance creating new NFL fans?
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While the NFL may be America’s biggest sport, it has perhaps received a significant boost from an unlikely source in recent months.

Stories broke earlier in the year that mega pop star Taylor Swift was dating Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce, and that is all that so many have been able to talk about. Even on game day at Arrowhead or on the road, commentators have even commented on the relationship as she has been spotted watching the tight end from afar.

Should the Chiefs be able to get past the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game and make their way to the Super Bowl, then she will likely be in attendance with a little more on the line than just the usual fan. Most will probably have something financially on the line as they look to enhance their experience of the showcase contest by adding a wager and keeping an eye on the NFL box scores during the Championship Games, with the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions going against each other in the NFC Championship Game to determine who will be going to Las Vegas this February.

It is a story that has continued to build, and their relationship looks stronger than ever. According to some reports, it has been claimed that there have been marriage promises. But has Swift and Kelce’s romance helped the NFL with a new fanbase? Has it helped them to improve their ratings?

The ‘Swifites’ and their numbers

Although Kelce is arguably one of the greatest tight ends in the game, there is no doubt that the limelight has intensified on the Chiefs’ star player due to his relationship with the pop star. She is a global superstar and has a following that proves just how loved she is.

In January 2024, she had a total of 279 million followers on Instagram alone, while her other social platforms are not lacking in ‘Swifties’ either. People’s love for her in America is extraordinary, as Forbes revealed early last year (before her romance with the NFL player) that 53% of adults nationwide were a fan of hers, with 16% of those describing themselves as “avid”.

Given her following, it is no surprise that the NFL has been urged to try and take advantage of the scenario. She can be spotted on various broadcasts when she is attending games, although she has not yet been on NFL programming directly in terms of an interview. It has, though, improved viewing figures.

Her first appearance at a Kansas City Chiefs game saw a spike in the number of viewers, with 27 million watching. It was the highest figure for a game played on Sunday night since the Super Bowl, with most of the increase being young females. Her appearance also improved jersey sales of Kelce’s name, with an increase of 400% having been experienced in the days immediately after her appearance at the game.

Will Swift and Kelce’s romance dominate as long as they are together?

Relationships are tricky, and they can never be guaranteed to last forever. Swift has proven that as she has had numerous in her lifetime, as has Kelce. However, with the promise of marriage potentially in the future being claimed by reports, perhaps this is one that can go the distance.

Fans can be fickle and may get bored of it sooner than later, but if they are together, the NFL will be hoping all eyes will be on them for as long as possible.

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