Jimmy Kimmel is joining the rest of the world in wondering what the heck is wrong with Donald Trump‘s hands. On Thursday night’s (Jan. 18) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedian joked about the possibility of the former president having syphilis.

Earlier this week, Trump was photographed waving to supporters while leaving Trump Tower in New York City. However, the internet quickly noticed some peculiar red splotches on his hand and fingers, which many pointed out was a common symptom of syphilis.

“Donald Trump has had to deal with a viral moment that was embarrassing — even for him,” Kimmel quipped at the start of his opening monologue.

The host then called back an interview from the 1990s where Trump said avoiding STDs was his “personal Vietnam,” leading Kimmel to joke, “But if he has syphilis, that would mean the only Vietnam he avoided was Vietnam.”

Even if it is the sexually transmitted infection, the late-night host noted that Melania Trump “will be fine,” adding, “They haven’t slept in the same bed since … How old is Barron? 17? Yeah, she’ll be OK.”

Kimmel even speculated that the mysterious marks could merely be “ketchup” — a witty callback to former White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson’s claim that Trump once became so enraged that allegedly threw his plate of food, which left “ketchup dripping down the wall.”

Or, as Kimmel suggested, “He probably got his hands in a container of curly fries or something.”

According to Kimmel, the response would also be far different if one of Trump’s Republican opponents were the ones pictured with the red marks on their hands.

Unlike Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis — both of whom have yet to comment on the viral photo — he believes Trump would have been “all over it,” posting in “all CAPS” about “Meatball Ron De-Syphilis and Nikki Herpe.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs on weeknights at 11:35/10:35c on ABC. Check out last night’s monologue above.

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