Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock

Heavy/ABC Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock speak out after split.

Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock got engaged at the end of “Bachelor in Paradise” season 9. The pair made their romance work for a while, but on December 11, they announced their split.

Despite the end of their engagement, it turns out that Spurlock still has Izzo’s back. According to spoiler guru Reality Steve, and Spurlock himself, the breakup had nothing to do with the rough edit Izzo received throughout season 9 of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Here’s what you need to know:

John Henry Spurlock ‘Fell for the Real Kat Izzo’

Spurlock returned to Instagram on December 12 to defend his ex-fiancee. He shared a handful of photos from their time together after filming “Bachelor in Paradise.” He also included a lengthy caption.

“For those who have nothing nice to say based on what was shown on an edited reality dating show, just know I dont feel that I made a mistake choosing her,” Spurlock wrote. He continued, “I never watched this back and second guessed things, I fell for the real Kat Izzo.”

Bachelor Nation didn’t get to see the woman he fell in love with, Spurlock wrote. He also shared that Izzo “did everything she could to make this work.”

“Although we decided to go different paths, you are an amazing woman and someone will be very lucky to have you,” Spurlock wrote specifically to Izzo. “Keep being you, keep accomplishing all your goals, and enjoy this next chapter in your life in San Diego, working as a nurse practitioner,” he added.

Kat Izzo Is Grateful for the Memories the Couple Made

Izzo posted some follow-up thoughts on her Instagram Stories. She shared Spurlock’s post and added text of her own. “I believe that people and experiences come into our lives for different reasons. There is a purpose and meaning behind our relationships.”

She added, “We might not know those reasons right now, but I do know that the memories we created will live on forever.”

The text of Izzo’s story ended with her writing, “Continuing to work towards a place of gratitude and amidst the chaos is how you weather any storm.”

Just what went wrong with Izzo and Spurlock? On the December 13 episode of Reality Steve’s “Daily Roundup” podcast, he revealed some valuable insight he had learned.

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Pair’s Split Was Recent & Sudden

Reality Steve shared, “I was hearing that this breakup was very recent and it really had a lot to do with distance.” He was told, “They were set on moving to San Diego together, and apparently, John Henry’s job was, I guess, pulling him in a different direction where he wanted to do more jobs overseas.”

“That just, obviously, wasn’t gonna work with the both of them thinking about moving to San Diego. Ultimately, pretty much the main reason why this thing ended,” Reality Steve further explained.

He also noted, “I heard this from both sides. Sources from both sides, coming from Kat’s camp and also John Henry’s camp — this wasn’t some sort of one-sided thing that I heard.” Reality Steve added, though, “I get the sense that Kat was caught off guard by this change of heart and that Kat certainly didn’t think that this was going to be an issue.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” couple was “really into each other… they wanted to make it work,” shared Reality Steve. “It was John Henry that ended it,” sources told the podcaster.

From what Reality Steve has learned, the split happened within the last couple of weeks. “It came to the point where John Henry pulled the trigger and said he wanted to end it.”

Based on what he heard from Izzo’s camp she didn’t see the breakup coming and it has devastated her. She is still moving to San Diego, though, and it seems several other season 9 “Bachelor in Paradise” ladies are doing the same.

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