Large quantity of drugs allegedly found during child molestation investigation at man's home near grade school in Georgia

Georgia police said they found a large quantity of illegal narcotics and cash in the home of a man whom they were investigating for child molestation.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said officers knocked on the door of the home owned by Melvin Randall Huff Jr. as part of the investigation on May 2. They were there to document the inside of the house.

‘Charged with dealing drugs within 1,000 feet of a school.’

Police body camera video showed Huff come out of his home only in shorts after police arrived.

“While investigating the child molestation case, they did see drugs laying in the open. And at that point they obtained a secondary search warrant,” said Cpl. Chris Ricketson with the sheriff’s office.

Police said they seized $147,000 from the home and found 33 grams of cocaine, 18 pounds of marijuana, 43 sealed bags of THC gummies, and 53 sealed vape cartridges. Police released photographs of the narcotics to WAGA-TV.

Huff was charged with dealing drugs within 1,000 feet of a school because he lived one house down from Willis Road Elementary School in Coweta County, according to police. He was also charged with trafficking in cocaine and felony possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

The man was booked into the Coweta County Jail but was later released on bond.

Police said the investigation into child molestation is ongoing, and Huff has not yet been charged in relation to that investigation.

Coweta County is located in the western central part of Georgia and includes about 146,000 residents.

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Here’s a local news report about the man:

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