The trouble reportedly started during a cast trip to Aspen in February. According to Radar Online, Hilton reportedly got into a screaming fight with a hotel employee over whether or not a DJ would be willing to play “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. When the employee refused to mass along Hilton’s musical request, she reportedly became aggressive and yelled something about “white privilege.” Representatives for Hilton have denied that such an exchange took place. Interestingly enough, the outlet reported that Lisa Rinna was the one to come to Hilton’s aid and kindly escort her out of the venue and away from the drama.

Well, whatever good feelings there were between Rinna and Hilton at the time were short-lived. After the alleged incident, Hilton reportedly refused to film anymore, which, if true, could be what soured things between herself and Rinna. Either way, within days of the Aspen trip, Hilton allegedly sent Rinna a Cease and Desist, per Radar. Meanwhile, Hilton maintains she never sent any legal documents her castmate’s way.

After publicly claiming to have been served by Hilton, Rinna’s behind-the-scenes drama spilled out onto social media, thanks to some leaked DM’s from Rinna insulting Hilton’s kids and calling the socialite a “homophobic racist.” Fast forward a few weeks (and a few more leaked DMs), and it looks like Hilton may be out for revenge.


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