In an Instagram post uploaded in May, Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell revealed that things were looking good when it came to her treatment — and the cancer’s response. “Well going on to round 3 of chemo… Yesterday it was [a] pretty good day but did get a little and Cracker Barrel was good going down but not up. But over all it’s going good and chemo is working we come to find so things are looking good,” she shared. And, all in all, things are looking good for Chickadee, who has actually been handling chemotherapy with relative ease. “She can still go to the grocery store, she can drive herself, she’s still able to take the kids to and from places,” Chickadee’s sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird told Entertainment Tonight. “A lot of people thought that it was gonna make her sick and stuff like that, [but] she’s able to bounce back pretty quick,” she added.

And while the family remains as optimistic as they can with the cards they’ve been dealt, a stage IV cancer diagnosis usually means that cancer is found in more than one place in the body. In Cardwell’s case, doctors found cancer in Cardwell’s liver, kidney, and lung, per TMZ. The median survival rate for a patient with stage IV adrenal carcinoma can vary widely, according to Today. “The majority of patients will succumb to their cancer within a year to three years of diagnosis,” Dr. Matthew Campbell told the outlet.

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