Mildred Baena’s husband was shocked to find out the son he raised as his own was another man’s. Interestingly, he learned he wasn’t Joseph’s father from the media.


According to reports, actor and former politician Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair with his then-housekeeper Mildred. The two share a son named Joseph Baena, born in 1997.

However, his identity was kept a secret for a long time, and it took several years for him to know his biological father. Mildred got married to her former husband, Rogelio de Jesus Baena, in 1987, and according to reports, they have a daughter named Jackie Baena.


Sources also suggest that Mildred Baena’s husband had doubts about the baby’s paternity at Joseph’s birth, and according to reports, the couple separated a few days after the baby was born.

Rogelio Baena Was Listed as the Father on Joseph’s Birth Certificate

In 2011, Rogelio, who was married to Mildred for ten years, spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Mildred’s affair with Schwarzenegger and said that he had no clue his son Joseph was the actor’s child.

Mildred’s former husband disclosed that she listed him as Joseph’s father on his birth certificate, and since he trusted his wife, whom he had been married to for ten years, he never doubted the boy’s paternity. What pained him most was learning about the news that Joseph was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child in the tabloids.



Rogelio, who claimed that the award-winning actor was his hero, felt disappointed and betrayed, and his perception of “The Terminator” star changed for the worse.

Joseph, who has ventured into the acting industry, said that no one recognizes him whenever he attends an audition because he has a different name.

Even though it took a while for Rogelio to come to terms with the shocking news, he stated that he still considers Joseph his child.


How Joseph Reacted When His Mom Told Him Who His Dad Is

Joseph learned that he was Schwarzenegger’s son when he was thirteen. His grandmother sat him down and told him straight up. According to Mildred, she was surprised by her son’s reaction upon learning who his father was.

Joseph, a teenager at the time, said he was going through the typical adolescent body and mind transformation but what shocked him most was that his life transformed in a minute. In an interview, Joseph recalled the year his paternal history became global news. He said:

“I remember the day very vividly, I was in the eighth grade. Fifth or sixth period. And I get called out of class to leave. And my mom’s there, and she’s like, We gotta go everyone is finding out about you and who your father is.”



After his mother picked him up from school, they went on a road trip to Texas to visit relatives and to stay away from the media. Joseph said that he and his mother had each other’s backs during that period.

Even though his father is famous and prominent, Joseph rarely talks about him and doesn’t use his paternal name.

Joseph, who has ventured into the acting industry, said that no one recognizes him whenever he attends an audition because he has a different name. He said he wants to build a name for himself and doesn’t want to be defined by his famous father.


Mildred Baena Filed for Divorce in 2008 Following the Incident

Mildred and Rogelio got married in 1987 but informally separated on October 23, 1997, shortly after Joseph was born. However, Mildred officially filed for divorce in February 2008 while working at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s residence.

Mildred previously listed Rogelio as Joseph’s father on his birth certificate. However, her divorce papers indicated otherwise, as she didn’t list him as the father. According to the divorce documents, her reason for their separation was irreconcilable differences.


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