• A drug-addicted mother had sexual intercourse with her daughter’s alcoholic ex-boyfriend numerous times.
  • The boyfriend got her pregnant, but she kept it secret and got it terminated.
  • Two years later, her daughter began dating and then eventually marrying the same man, with the question of whether the secret should come out hanging in the air.


Taking to a Reddit confessions page, a mother going by kasamaherm55 shared a shocking story with her fellow netizens. She wrote about how she met her daughter’s boyfriend, Harry, when she was deep in her addiction, and her daughter was 18 years old. She expressed she wasn’t particularly fond of him and told her daughter as much.

Harry was 24 years old and had problems with alcohol dependency. Due to the boyfriend’s dependency problem, the Redditor’s daughter officially broke up with him.

A stressed middle age woman.│Source: Shutterstock

A stressed middle age woman.│Source: Shutterstock


The Mother Makes a Horrifying Decision

When the daughter moved away and after persistence via Harry to spend time together with the mother, she finally gave in. He and the mother began engaging in drug-related activities. They eventually had sexual intercourse numerous times, leading to the Redditor falling pregnant. Writing about the boyfriend, the mom recalled:

“He was a very good-looking guy. He looked A LOT like that ridiculous 80s justin beiber picture that was on the front page today; that is actually what made me think about him.”

The mother said she chose to terminate the pregnancy and explained that she never revealed to Harry that she was pregnant or had undergone an abortion.


A middle aged woman crying.│Source: Shutterstock

A middle aged woman crying.│Source: Shutterstock

A Mortifying Blast from the Past

Now sober, she received shocking information two years after these incidents with her daughter’s boyfriend. The Redditor wrote:


“Fast forward 2 years and my daughter contacts me and tells me that she got back with Harry, and that he is fully sober. I was mortified honestly. He was gonna tell her that we slept together, and she is going to hate me for life.”

The Redditor then spoke about when her daughter and Harry came over to visit. She and Harry decided never to let the daughter find out. She wrote that Harry and her daughter have been married for almost two decades now.

Stressed woman.│Source: Shutterstock

Stressed woman.│Source: Shutterstock


The Redditor explained that she doesn’t see the two of them very much but has complex feelings toward her grandson. She stated:

“I think about this often. Especially when I see my grandson. I always think that could have been my son if things had gone differently, but WOW what a disaster that would have been if I decided to keep that child.”

She also mentioned that there is always an uncomfortable feeling between her and Harry because of what occurred. The Redditor explained that the feeling was not sexual or romantic but a shared sense of a shared underlying fear and regret.

A stressed middle aged woman. │Source: Shutterstock

A stressed middle aged woman. │Source: Shutterstock


The Question of Whether the Secret Should Be Revealed

The Reddit post received much attention, with many individuals discussing whether she should reveal this dark, buried secret. One netizen wrote:

“Sixteen years and a gigantic secret. Secrets drive wedges between people and relationships should be built on trust. I’m kind of torn. I think you two are doing wrong by your daughter :/.”

Some told her that keeping the secret, especially at this point, is the better thing to do with one individual even congratulating her on her sobriety.

A Redditor's comment on a Reddit post. │Source: Reddit.com/r/confession

A Redditor’s comment on a Reddit post. │Source: Reddit.com/r/confession


One individual wrote a long comment stating that she felt bad for the original poster’s daughter. She expressed:

“I know what she isn’t aware of can’t hurt her but the very possibility that this truth can get her to be so devastated to a point of sever depression is what’s bothering me.”

The Reddit user claimed that she would have likely confessed. She encouraged the mother to put aside her fear of how her daughter would react and tell her the truth.

A redditor's comment on a Reddit post. │Source: Reddit.com/r/confession

A redditor’s comment on a Reddit post. │Source: Reddit.com/r/confession

The debate about whether certain secrets should come out or remain hidden for the benefit of the individuals involved is as old as time. Read this article where a heartbroken man discovers four out of five of his kids are not his.


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