The moment Jeremy Clarkson broke down in tears as he announced the end of an era for himself, Richard Hammond and James May still haunts The Grand Tour viewers.

And today, the Top Gear and now Clarkson’s Farm legend announced that The Grand Tour is over for good in every way, bringing the curtain down on nearly 20 years of hilarious and entertaining motoring journalism since 2001’s Top Gear reboot debuted on BBC Two.

The Grand Tour launched on Amazon Prime Video as a follow-up to Top Gear from the legendary Clarkson, Hammond and May trio who made Top Gear the biggest TV show in the world.

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But after three series, the video platform announced that it was ending the studio segment – the format which saw the trio erect a tent in various locations around the world – ie, the Grand Tour element.

Back in S3 E14 it was announced that the series would stop its normal format of studio episodes and this caused Clarkson to break down in tears.

He said: “This is the last one.”

Jeremy Clarkson in tears with Hammond and May
Jeremy Clarkson in tears with Hammond and May
(Image: Amazon Prime Video)

Richard Hammond added: “It is. And it’s sad but we have been doing it together for 17 years.

“But nevertheless we do feel the time has come to move on.”

Clarkson then put his hand to his face and began to cry, then wiped away the tears following a montage of all their best moments before he added: “Tell you what though, we haven’t half had some laughs.

“It’s all just brilliant. The great thing was in all of the years we worked together, every single time one of us fell over, there was never any sympathy. We just burst into laughter straight away.”

At that point the trio announced they would come back for special one-off adventure episodes, which followed with top-rated outings like A Scandi Flick, where James May crashed his rally car in a tunnel, and Lochdown, a special filmed in Scotland during Covid.

Jeremy Clarkson cried after announcing the end after 17 years
Jeremy Clarkson cried after announcing the end after 17 years
(Image: Amazon Prime Video)

But today Jeremy announced it really is all over for good for the trio of Hammond, Clarkson and May. Posting on Instagram, he put out a very low key announcement which said: “Been a busy day. No more Grand Tour after next year but a LOT more Clarkson’s Farm. Which, this evening, is looking extremely lovely.”

Fans were absolutely distraught at the news.

@danielbusker96 said: “The end of an era, i have seen you 3 on the tv since i was 7 and im 27 now… ofcourse all good things must come to an end and we have years of entertainment to look back on and to show future generations.”

@niklasbennet said: “Horrible news about GT. Please make something more together.”

@pacrupi said: “Thank you for the many many years of hilarious tv that was tangentially related to cars. Top Gear and the Grand Tour were terrific. Clarkson’s Farm is great storytelling on a whole other level.”

It comes as the BBC announced that Top Gear has been put on hold indefinitely, effectively cancelled, following Freddie Flintoff’s crash.

So Clarkson, Hammond and May will be free, and Top Gear has no hosts right now. They couldn’t, could they?

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