Kyle Richards will star as Morgan Wade’s romantic interest in her upcoming “Fall In Love With Me” music video, which will be released on August 10. In a recent Instagram post, Richards shared a behind-the-scenes teaser of the pair discussing the project. Wade alluded to rumors of her and Richards dating, noting that the video “pokes fun” at the speculation. Wade said, “I’ve done several music videos and every time there’s someone in it with me, they always assume we’re dating or something’s going on. You see people being obsessed with us being friends and why we’re friends, but we thought it would be a good idea kind of to … troll the trolls a little bit.” Richards also added her two cents, saying, “If they’re gonna talk, you might as well give them something to talk about.”

Wade’s music video isn’t the only project that she and Richards have teamed up on. Richards has signed on as producer for a documentary about Wade’s life, according to TMZ. Richards will also be featured in front of the camera. The film reportedly focuses on the country singer’s career, as well as her journey to sobriety and battle with cancer.

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