Muni Long’s husband, Raysean Hairston, is an essential piece of the puzzle of her career. The “Hrs & Hrs” singer has not always had the support required to find herself as an artist, more so as a singer. However, with TLC and no irritable qualities, her husband became vital to her completion.


Muni Long is an esteemed songwriter who relocated to Los Angeles from Florida, embarking on a musical journey of self-discovery after being kicked out of her home at 18. The musician, whose birth name is Priscilla Renea Hamilton, served as a songwriter for many years before picking the mic up herself.

She wrote hit records such as “Timber” by Kesha and “California King Bed” by Rihanna. She worked with the who’s who of modern music, creating art with Mariah Carey and Miranda Lambert, among many others. After ten years, with the help of her partner, Long transitioned to singing.


Songwriter and Main Support – A Few Facts about Muni Long’s Husband Raysean Hairston

Long, an advocate for the acknowledgment of black people in country music, became a wife in 2014 when she walked down the aisle with her husband, songwriter Raysean Hairston. Her beau has also worked with talented artists like Kendu Isaacs’ ex-wife Mary J. Blige and country duo Florida Georgia Line.

Speaking to journalist Ailsa Chang, Long divulged how she arrived at Muni Long from Priscilla Renea Hamilton. Long said she discovered an ancient sage named Muni and, after deliberating with her husband and coming across the 2 Chainz lyric “hair long, money long,” the proper name became apparent.


Although Long and her spouse do not divulge much about their relationship, the actress did speak to Chang about Hairston being her first encounter with genuine intimacy, adding that she feels everyone deserves to experience that. Long also has the support of her husband’s songwriting prowess.


After earning a well-deserved Grammy award, Long was a guest on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” hosted by the singer and former fiancée of David Otunga, Jennifer Hudson. During her conversation on the show, Long spoke about the balance Hairston brought into her music career. She said:

“It’s always great to have somebody super close to you that you can bounce the music off of. He keeps me cool because I’m very poetic. So sometimes it’s a little corny. It’s great. It’s an amazing relationship that we have.”


Muni Admitted That Her Husband Does Not Irritate Her

Long and Hairston have transcended the expectations of supporters and onlookers alike, seemingly sharing a flawless bond without the birth of any children. Currently edging closer to their ninth anniversary in marriage, the couple’s relationship has been the subject of zero controversial discussions in the media.

While speaking to Chang, the songstress spoke highly of the effortless compatibility between her and Hairston, saying: “I thought I was in love many times before. But I’m a Virgo, and, like, we hate everything and everybody. And, like, once I met my husband and like, nothing that he does annoys me or gets on my nerves.”


When Long’s hit record “Hrs & Hrs” was topping the charts, her husband supported her from the sidelines—a familiar feat in their long-lasting relationship. Last year, the singer attended the BET Awards with her supportive husband right by her side as she walked the red carpet.

Raysean Hairston and Muni Long on the BET Awards red carpet at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, on June 26, 2022. | Source: Getty Images

Raysean Hairston and Muni Long on the BET Awards red carpet at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, on June 26, 2022. | Source: Getty Images


As a Teen, Muni Long Was Thrown Out of Her Home

Young Priscilla Renea’s life was not laced with the comforting support she now gets from Hairston. There was a time when she lost everything after being kicked out of her home while burdened with the responsibility of providing for her siblings.

The traumatic experience stained Priscilla, but her resilience pushed her to make good of the pain. The singer has created songs about her past, and “Family Tree” is one where she creatively delved into the struggles headfirst. She combined many musical elements, anchored by country feels, to tell the story.


“People seem to forget that a seed has to be planted in the cold, dark dirt, but when it grows, it turns its face toward the sun, and is even rooted and grounded by the very same soil that once covered it,” Hairston’s wife said about her past.

The singer has not let her painful experience harden her. Instead, Priscilla has opened her heart. Perhaps her traumatic past is the source of her warm enthusiasm in her relationship with Hairston and the endless praise she divulges in his name.

The singer once collaborated with legendary singer and Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey. The singer earned the royal title after composing a plethora of hit Christmas jingles. Now in her career’s latter stages, Carey is relatively focused on family, doing whatever she can to keep her sons humble.


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