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ABC Marlena Haddad.

One of the contestants on Joey Graziadei’s new season of “The Bachelor” worked for the Donald Trump administration, according to her LinkedIn page.

Although “The Bachelor” usually steers clear of politics, that background in an era so fraught with political division was bound to get attention. Her “Bachelor” biography, however, leaves the administration work out.

According to The Palm Beach Post, the contestant in question is Marlena Haddad, 26, of West Palm Beach.

The season for tennis pro Graziadei starts on January 22.

Here’s what you need to know:

Marlena Haddad Shared a Group Photo Showing Her With Donald Trump on Her Instagram Page

The information about Haddad’s background was first brought to light in a Reddit thread that read, “One of Joey’s girls is a Tr*mp aide.”

The moderator has now locked the thread, writing, “Locking this post because it’s become a magnet for people who have nothing to do with this sub.”

The Palm Beach Post confirmed the information, reporting that Haddad “worked as an aide for former president Donald Trump.” The newspaper adds, “Haddad worked in the presidential personnel office as director of correspondence and director of research from 2020-2021 during Trump’s time in office. Her Instagram includes a group photo standing next to him giving a thumb’s up, as well as photos in the Oval Office.”

She wrote with that photo on her Instagram page, “Congrats to the boss on the Nobel Peace nomination.”

Haddad is listed as a writer and analyst on the site of the conservative outlet Campus Reform, which reports on issues relating to universities. “Marlena Haddad is a writer and an analyst for Special Purpose Acquisition Company. Formerly, she worked as Director of Research in the Trump Whitehouse, a College Associate on Mornings With Maria, and a Connecticut Campus Correspondent with Campus Reform,” that bio reads.

Her LinkedIn page says she worked as a writer for the company SPACInsider in New York City.

It says that she worked for the White House when Trump was president for just over one year. She listed her job as “director of research, presidential personnel office,” based in Washington DC from 2020-2021. Before that, she was “director of correspondence” for the same office.

It’s not clear when she left that job exactly. Trump, of course, was defeated in the 2020 presidential election, but President Joe Biden was not sworn into office until January 20, 2021.

Haddad also listed jobs working as an analyst for Nasdaq in New York; working as an alternative data intern for BattleFin Ensemble & Discovery Day Events; working as a college associate on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria”; working in macroeconomic research for the National College Federal Research Challenge, and working for PIMCO Prep.

Her LinkedIn page says she was a delegate for the Harvard Model United Nations from 2011-2014.

She has an economics degree from the University of Connecticut, where she was in the Finance Society, and she attended UC Irvine. Her LinkedIn page also lists volunteerism. “Received soccer scholarship for program in Costa Rica. Built irrigation systems in La Paz, Costa Rica, renovated worn down schools and soccer facilities in nearby towns,” she wrote.

Haddad wrote that she also volunteered in an orphanage while working as a “missionary in Mexico” on “poverty alleviation.”

She has some proficiency in Arabic.

Marlena Haddad’s ‘Bachelor’ Biography Does Not Mention Her Political Experience

joey graziadei

ABCJoey Graziadei.

Haddad’s background on the ABC website doesn’t mention her political experience. It calls her a “finance writer” from West Palm Beach, Florida.

It reads,

Marlena is ready to commit and wants a man who’s not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. Vulnerability is very important to her, and she’s hoping Joey will show her his sensitive side. Marlena’s loved ones describe her as optimistic, loyal and resilient. In five years, Marlena hopes to be married with two kids and continue fostering rescue dogs. Her dream job is to be a parent and she can’t wait to enter her soccer mom era. Marlena considers herself a “hopeful romantic” and always goes above and beyond to make her partner feel special. She’s hoping Joey is ready to receive all the love she has to give.

The bio informs fans that Haddad likes golf and “Marlena loves to read books by candlelight.”

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