Paris 2024: ‘I’ve broken every bone’

One of the worst accidents occurred at a skate park in California requiring a titanium plate to be implanted in his leg.

“I’ve broken my right femur, both ankles, both wrists, collar bone and knocked myself out a few times,” he said.

“You’ve gotta accept the fact that injury is part of skating; you gotta be ready for it.

An artist impression of the Parc Urbain la Concorde pop-up at Place de la Concorde.

An artist impression of the Parc Urbain la Concorde pop-up at Place de la Concorde.Credit: Paris 2024

“If I can have my body strong, be mentally strong, and have the tricks that I have, I should be alright.”

The “goofy-footed” park skateboarder is currently ranked 5th in the world, after podium finishes last year at both the X Games Men’s Park Final in California and the World Skateboarding Tour in Argentina.

A younger Palmer (second from right) with his father.

A younger Palmer (second from right) with his father.

He currently splits his time between Queensland and San Diego with his family.

“I owe a lot to my mum, dad and little brother, they’ve been very supportive my entire life,” he said.

“My dad was my supporter and my coach from when I started skateboarding until around 17-18 [years old] and then I switched to do my own thing but it’s been a blessing to have him.”

Olympic skateboarding has two competitions in Paris 2024: park and street, which will be held in temporary pop-up venues along the historic Place de la Concorde.

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