'People are angry': Tim Pool sponsors stock car

Journalist and podcaster Tim Pool has sponsored the car of professional driver Cody Dennison, with the driver revealing that he’s faced backlash over the deal from a few “tribal” voices.

Pool announced on X that he “did a thing,” that being sponsoring driver Dennison ahead of an upcoming race, the Tide 150 at the Kansas Speedway. The race is in the ARCA Menards Series, which is one of the feeder leagues into the NASCAR racing system, for which there are three leagues in the ladder.

“The whole reason we’re gonna be able to race all year is I met with Tim PooI … and we talked about it, and he was super interested in just doing the whole year [of sponsorship],” Dennison said in an interview with Chrissie Mayr.

Dennison explained that the conversation about the sponsorship came up while he and Pool were playing a game of billiards.

“He was really interested,” Dennison recalled. The driver said that Pool asked, “What does it feel like to go fast?” about the G-force at play, and, “What do you have to do when you have to p***?”

The conversation continued, and when Dennison noted that he’d been looking for a sponsorship, Pool cut him off and asked about the pricing.

“I just told him the rough estimate, and he was like, ‘Yeah I’ll do that, 100% let’s do it.'”

Dennison also explained that some people in his life were angry to learn about the sponsorship.

“The people that are angry about this are always angry because they’re tribal. So, they have sides of whatever conflict they think they’re on, but they always end up on the side of people that are entirely self- serving, and they don’t do stuff like this,” he added.

Dennison has been in the public eye for some time as a YouTuber since 2013 and was eventually widely publicized in 2019 after his story about being fired from a GameStop went viral. Dennison spoke about the alleged mistreatment of employees and the company’s dwindling stock prices at the time.

In a statement to the Post Millennial regarding why he chose to sponsor Dennison, Pool stated that “Cody is a friend” and that he “wanted to support his efforts and thought it would be a cool thing to do.”

The Tide 150 takes place on May 4, 2024, at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas.

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