Rhea Norwood showed the internet she’s both a risk taker and rebel as she climbed a tree with a sign that prohibited it. Fortunately, Norwood looked safe and happy while on the top.


Since joining the entertainment industry, Rhea Norwood has amassed a growing fanbase, many of whom follow her on social media.

The actress recently delighted her nearly 400,000 Instagram followers at the time of publication with a new post showing a glimpse of her view from above.


Norwood donned a yellow button-down shirt with a bib-like collar and denim jeans with flower prints in her post. She flashed a bright smile while posing on a tree branch with a sign behind her reading, “No tree climbing.” She captioned the post:

“Blissfully unaware of the sign telling me not to climb the tree.”

While she chose to ignore the warning, showing fans her rebellious side, Norwood seemed to enjoy her view from above.


Norwood is famously known for her appearances in the 2022 productions “Kill Them with Kindness” and “Heartstopper.” She also landed a role in “To the Girl I Once Knew.”

Besides her career, Norwood is proud of how far she has come since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. On July 21, 2023, the actress marked her first anniversary since learning of her condition. She said:

“Feeling proud today of how far I’ve come in the last year!”


Norwood, who describes herself as a confident woman with a good sense of humor, believes she is responsible for opening up about her illness and advocating for it to others.

Connor, whose bisexual life is emphasized on the show, felt honored to have portrayed such a role because of its under-representation in the media.

She talked about her diabetes during an interview with her “Heartstopper” castmates, including Yasmin Finney, Corinna Brown, and Kizzy Edgell. In the show, Norwood brings to life the character Imogen Heaney.


“Heartstopper” also stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor, who play on-screen lovers navigating through school and queer teen drama. They hold the series in high regard because of the issues it addresses in the modern world and have gotten very close since its release.

Connor, whose bisexual life is emphasized on the show, felt honored to have portrayed such a role because of its under-representation in the media. However, playing the character was no easy feat.

Besides acting in itself, his co-star, Locke, made their kissing rehearsal a challenge. Fortunately, they surpassed all expectations, and the show became a big success.


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