Russell Brand has publicly denied criminal allegations surrounding his past life of promiscuity. 

“I’ve received two extremely disturbing letters, or a letter and an email, one from a mainstream media TV company, one from a newspaper, listing a litany of extremely egregious and aggressive attacks,” the actor, 48, said in a Friday, September 15, video shared via Instagram. “As well as some pretty stupid stuff, like my community festival should be stopped, that I shouldn’t be able to attack mainstream media narratives on this channel, but amidst this litany of astonishing, rather baroque attacks, are some very serious allegations that I absolutely refute.”

He continued, “As I’ve written about extensively in my books, I was very, very promiscuous. Now during that time of promiscuity, the relationships I had were absolutely, always consensual.”

“I was always transparent about that then — almost too transparent. And I’m being transparent about it now as well,” Brand added. “And to see that transparency metastasized into something criminal that I absolutely deny makes me question, is there another agenda at play?”

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star went on to say that he doesn’t mind if the media pulls from his books or past stand-up comedy specials when discussing his “promiscuous, consensual conduct in the past,” but added that he “seriously” refutes the “very, very serious, criminal allegations,” calling it a “coordinated attack.”

“It’s worth mentioning that there are witnesses whose evidence directly contradicts the narratives that these two mainstream media outlets are trying to construct apparently,” he added, further denying the accusations. “Now, I don’t want to get into this any further, because of the serious nature of the allegations, but I feel like I’m being attacked and plainly they are working very closely together.”

According to Deadline, ​U.K. news station ​Channel 4 and British newspapers The Times and The Sunday Times are behind the stories. It remains unclear when the outlets planned to make public their allegations.

The Get Him to the Greek actor stepped away from Hollywood following his split from ex-wife Katy Perry. He relocated back to the U.K. and has been keeping his private life out of the media. He married longtime love Laura Gallacher in 2017, and the couple share two daughters. The couple are currently expecting baby No. 3. Brand currently hosts the “Stay Free with Russell Brand” podcast where he “goes under the skin of guests from the world of academia, popular culture and the arts, to help us to understand and see the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality.”

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