Rwanda genocide: ‘Frozen faces still haunt’ photojournalist, 30 years on | Genocide

Warning: Some of the images below are graphic and show victims of massacres. 

On April 7, 1994, one of the most harrowing events in modern history began: the Rwandan genocide. 

One hundred days of unfathomable slaughter in which an estimated 800,000-1,000,000 people were killed. 

Rwandans were pitted against Rwandans, Hutu against Tutsi, neighbour against neighbour, and in some cases, family member against family member. 

From grandmothers to infants, no one was spared – all dispatched to the next world by machete, machinegun or hand grenade. 

Thirty years ago, Jack Picone was among the first international photographers to document the carnage.

He reflects on the journey he took in the grips of genocide, how ordinary Rwandans are finding healing and forgiveness, and the memories that still haunt him to this day.

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