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  • Steve Harvey and his wife share a big family with many children and grandchildren.
  • Despite the couple appearing to be still in love, rumors went around claiming his wife cheated on him, and they both set the record straight.


Steve Harvey married his wife, Marjorie, tied the knot in 2007. The television personality went into the marriage with several children, including his first children with then-wife Marcia Harvey, twins Brandi and Karli, who were born in 1982.

The former couple expanded their family again in 1991 when Broderick Harvey Jr. was welcomed before divorcing three years later. In 1997, Steve and his second wife, Mary Shackelford, welcomed their only child, Wynton.


After divorcing Shackelford in 2005, he married Marjorie and adopted her three children, Morgan, Lori, and Jason, making the complete count of their children seven. In 2021, Steve and his wife were grandparents to seven grandchildren.


Jason and his wife Amanda welcomed four children: Rose, Ezra, Noah, and Joey. Morgan had two children with her husband, Kareem Hawthorne, Elle, and Marley, while Karli shares one child named after her husband, Ben Raymond.


In July 2023, 16 years into their marriage, Steve shared a social media clip of his wife in a white dress and said what they had was “That forever kind of #love.” Besides sharing about their love, the couple often showed off their grandchildren on Instagram.


What Did Steve Say about the Rumors That His Wife Cheated On Him?

The mother of seven encouraged people to read and share the scripture she posted…



A TikTok post showed Steve speaking to a crown on stage, telling them that he is “fine” and so is his wife. The star told the audience that he didn’t know what they were doing but urged them to “find something else to do” because they are “fine” before adding:

“I ain’t got no time for rumors and gossip. God’s been good to me; I’m still shining.”


On the same day, Marjorie took to her Instagram account to clear the air with a post. Alongside a Bible scripture and a screenshot of a website that tackled “How to handle being lied about,” she said she and Steve usually didn’t bother addressing “all the foolishness and lies” spread about them.


However, because they’d been given “much,” a lot is also required from them. Marjorie said she understands having a responsibility to those who might not be as strong as she and her husband due to the platform she has.

The mother of seven encouraged people to read and share the scripture she posted with their loved ones who might not know how to cope correctly before sending her fans blessings. The verse that Steve‘s wife chose for her post spoke about not reacting to insults because she trusted in one authority.


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