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Despite their son’s fame, Takeoff’s parents led ordinary lives. However, following the rapper’s death, his parents stepped into the spotlight; and while his father was the voice of change within his community, Takeoff’s mother sought justice for her son’s death.


In November 2022, the world mourned the loss of Atlanta musician, Takeoff, and at the forefront of that mourning was his family and parents, Kenneth Ball and Titania Davenport.

Takeoff’s father affectionately referred to the rapper as his first love in a social media post following his son’s passing. And the rapper’s mother sought justice for her son’s death by legally going after the bowling alley where Takeoff died due to gun violence.


Who Are Takeoff’s Parents?

Ball was born in October 1970 and turned to Facebook to celebrate his birthday last year. “Thank you Lord for another birthday. Happy birthday to me. 52 looking real good over here if I must say so myself,” Takeoff’s father humorously captioned the post.

According to his Facebook page, Ball has been married since September 24, 2004, and after furthering his education at Athens Technical College, he has worked as a Welder/Fabricator since 2022.

According to reports, Davenport used to work as a hairstylist, and in 2022, she took part in an interview with Takeoff’s former group member Quavo’s mother, who said about Migos:


“I never, ever thought that we would get this far, but I already always knew that I had stars. We just had to get there.”


Takeoff, Offset, and Quavo Were Not Only Group Members; They Were Also Relatives

Aside from making up the iconic musical group Migos, Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff were relatives. Davenport is Quavo’s sister, making the latter Takeoff’s uncle. However, Takeoff once said, “I don’t look at him as my uncle, but more as my brother.”

Their bond goes deeper, as Offset is Quavo’s cousin, and Quavo’s mother, Takeoff’s grandmother, was a father figure to all three rappers. “She knew how to raise you as a man,” Offset — known for his relationship with Cardi Bsaid.


Takeoff’s Father Opened Up about His Son’s Passing

Shortly after his son’s death, who is the eldest of his five children, Ball took to Facebook to express his grief over his son’s passing, pleading for his followers to keep his family and Davenport in their prayers. He typed:

“[…] My first love out of my five kids this is so so hard please keep Titania Davenport (Treet) and me (Kenneth M Ball ) and the entire family on both sides in your prayers doing our difficult time No one know the pain I’m feeling right now BUT with GOD I will find peace (sic).”

A few days later, Ball used his son’s death to urge people to take the causes of his community’s demise — such as drug use and gun violence — more seriously. “We as a community must use this time to get closer to God and to work together,” he shared.



Takeoff’s Mother Sued the Bowling Alley Where Her Famous Son Was Fatally Shot

While the father of her son took action to spread awareness shortly after their son died, Davenport sought justice for Takeoff’s death in June 2023 when she sued the bowling alley where the rapper died.

Takeoff was shot outside 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, and legal filings revealed that his mother sought over $1 million in damages, funeral expenses, loss of earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Takeoff’s mother claimed that there should have been better security the night her son died and that the establishment knew of “criminal activity” that was going on and did nothing about it.


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