Despite being almost 20 years old, Scott Swift’s 2005 emails, used as evidence in a current lawsuit with Daniel Dymtrow, have caused quite the brand-new raucous among Swifties. Spreading like wildfire on Reddit and X, many Taylor Swift fans characterized Scott’s comments as unbecoming of a father. As one X user wrote, “So this is just him feeling sorry for himself and thinking if it wasn’t for HIM Taylor wouldn’t be famous?!? He is throwing a hissy fit because he isn’t getting credit for her talent and he paid for things… You know things parents should do?!?” One since-deleted comment couldn’t believe “a father could resent his wife and a child that much.”

Some fans specifically criticized Scott for sounding overly driven by moneymaking. As he wrote in an email viewed by the Mirror, “No one is going to aid you and Taylor in becoming successful more than I will. I am your banker… I will sell a s*** load of t-shirts.” As one X user weighed in, Scott’s comment “talks about Taylor like she’s a business.” 

Scott also seemingly threw shade at his estranged wife in the email, writing, “Finally, if you want to get rid of me, please forward this to Andrea.” While one X post called Scott “a misogynist through and through,” another deleted post summarized his remarks as “lots of moaning about Andrea, mentions of his prostate and how he can’t get his s*** up.” Ooof.

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