Tim Tebow to testify before House on child sex abuse

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow will testify about child sex abuse in front of the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance.

The committee, headed by Republican chairman Andy Biggs (Ariz.), is set to hear from Tebow about the work of his foundation and the apparent increase of child sex abuse material being distributed across the United States.

The Tim Tebow Foundation has worked with Homeland Security Investigations to find victims of child sex abuse and will share the group’s work with the government committee, OutKick reported.

Tebow’s foundation collaborated with HSI in 2023’s Operation Renewed Hope, which was reportedly a three-week “surge” of investigations into child abuse, Fox News reported. Through the operation, the foundation successfully located “311 probable identifications of previously unknown victims, including 14 positive contacts and confirmed the rescue of several victims from active abuse.”

The foundation claimed that the investigations were considered to be “the most successful operation of its kind,” which used partners across the world to crack down on global networks.

Tebow issued a statement saying that he was “so grateful to work alongside so many heroes in law enforcement from around the world and for the blessing of being a part of ‘Operation Renewed Hope.'”

“Reflecting on this operation, and the incredible life-changing work being done, I think of the renewed hope for so many of these boys and girls,” Tebow continued. “The best definition I’ve ever heard of the biblical form of hope is to look forward with confidence, anticipation, and expectation, and I can only imagine that for so many of these children suffering through this abuse that they probably had lost all hope and had little reason to look forward.”

In 2023, Tebow said that he wanted to find “every way possible” to combat the “evil” that is human trafficking. He also called it “one of the faster-growing businesses in the world,” and added that despite what people may think, crimes are happening in “nice” areas inside America.

“Some of the different campaigns and videos that we’ve actually shot, we’ve done it in neighborhoods that have been really nice, because we wanted to say, ‘Look, in this neighborhood, in this area, it’s been right here,'” Tebow explained.

“And you know, because sometimes people have to open their eyes. This isn’t just something that’s taking place in a third world country. It is taking place in those third world countries, but it is also taking place right here in America,” he concluded.

At the time, Tebow cited that there were 50,000 boys and girls who have been abused “in such severe ways” and that “nobody has been able to identify or locate them.”

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