Jesus Ayala of Las Vegas allegedly went on a murderous rampage with a friend in August — laughing maniacally on camera while running other vehicles off the road in a stolen vehicle, then mowing down 64-year-old retired police chief Andreas Probst.

New criminal charges filed on Jan. 19 indicate this monstrous bloodletting may not have been Ayala’s first. Another victim has stepped forward, accusing Ayala of a crime that occurred in June 2023.

“Recently it came to our attention that [Ayala] allegedly was involved in an attempted murder case, a stabbing, so we charged him with crimes resulting in that,” Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson told KSNV-TV.

Months ahead of Ayala’s alleged August rampage, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received a report that a stabbing victim whose torso and ear had been slashed multiple times walked into the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada on June 27, reported KVVU-TV.

Hospital records reportedly indicated that the victim, taken to the hospital by his roommate, suffered multiple stab wounds to the face and a stab wound to the back.

The victim told investigators at the time that two males ambushed him with brass knuckles, brutalized him, then left him lying on the ground without robbing him. A bloody knife was later found near the scene of the attack.

The victim later clarified in an interview with police that a male suspect first accused him of stealing something, then five individuals came over and began attacking him.

A witness confirmed to police on June 28 that five individuals ostensibly under the age of 18 participated in an “extremely violent” attack on the victim. The witness added that had the attack continued, the victim would surely have perished.

Ayala was later identified by a witness as one of the “big homies” involved in the savage June attack.

Cellphone records cited by police place Ayala in the area of the attack at the time of the stabbing, reported KSNV.

While the knife found at the scene of the crime reportedly did not come back with a “suitable print match” to Ayala, forthcoming DNA results may alternatively confirm who did the stabbing.

The victim ultimately identified Ayala from a photo lineup as his attacker on Sept. 19, 2023.

Ayala is scheduled to appear in in Clark County Justice Court on Feb. 28 for a preliminary hearing on the new attempted murder charge.

“Mr. Ayala is entitled to his day in court, he is entitled to have a good lawyer, he is entitled to cross-examine the witnesses, he is entitled to present devices on his own behalf, but at the end of the day we have a jury system and court jury will decide his guilt or innocence,” Wolfson told KSNV. “We feel very confident in the strength of our case, we feel very confident that we will get justice for these victims.”

“We have accused him of doing some pretty serious things. I mean open murder, you can’t get more serious than that, and now an attempted murder charge,” added Wolfson.

Ayala’s other trial begins on Nov. 12.

Blaze News previously reported that Ayala was indicted by a grand jury in October for murder with the use of a deadly weapon; attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon; battery with use of a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm; and two counts of failing to stop at the scene of a crash involving death. The charges were enhanced because Probst, the former police chief of Bell, California, was a senior citizen.

Both Ayala and co-defendant Jzamir Keys were also slapped with felony charges of residential burglary, use of a deadly weapon, three counts of grand larceny auto, and three counts of possession of a stolen vehicle.

The duo appear to have filmed themselves driving a white sedan off the road on Aug. 14, then targeting Probst for slaughter. Ayala is believed to have been behind the wheel at the time.

In the video, one of the perpetrators can be heard asking the other, “Ready?”

The other responds, “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Hit his a**,” all the while laughing.

The duo proceed to run over Probst, leaving his crumpled body bleeding out on the roadside.

The vehicle Ayala allegedly used to kill Probst was found less than 10 minutes away from the crash site with blood streaked across its windshield.

After allegedly murdering Probst, Ayala and his compatriot are said to have stolen additional vehicles, then crashed them into one another for fun near a shopping plaza.

Police found another video on Ayala’s cell phone allegedly showing the duo also driving into a 72-year-old man on a bicycle, then roaring with laughter. The other cyclist survived the attack.

While ineligible for the death penalty, Ayala faces a maximum of life in state prison.

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