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Paul Gallen’s bid for the Australian heavyweight title has fallen short, despite a desperate, stunning surge in the final two rounds as boos rained down on Kris Terzievski.

The former NRL star was clearly outboxed for most of the fight and he looked done after eight rounds.

But needing a knockout, Gallen woke up in the ninth and the Victorian Terzievski’s energy just disappeared, purely trying to bleed clock and get a famous victory.

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Terzievski was docked one point for pushing early in the seventh round with a black eye emerging on the battered Gallen’s face.

The crowd began to roar as Gallen desperately aimed for that shot in the ninth round, both men looking out on their feet.

In the tenth round Terzievski seemed to be purely trying to avoid any sort of contact. Boos rained down as Terzievski was constantly looking up at the clock, with his tape coming from his gloves and his shorts even needing to be adjusted by the ref.

Terzievski won on all three cards 97-92.

“He bought the dog out in me, which I’m highly respectful and grateful for. I’m rooted,” he said.

Gallen was unwilling to make a call on his future immediately after the bout.

“I felt a little bit tired in the middle rounds … he won fair and square. I’m always humble in victory and humble in defeat,” he said.

“There’s a saying, age is undefeated. It’s caught up with me.

“You don’t grow old between fights, you do between rounds.

“I’m not going to make any decisions now (about my future). I just felt in-between those rounds I couldn’t go like I normally go.

“I’ve had a great time involved in the sport … we’ll see what happens next.”

Paulo wants a second shot with Gallen! | 01:02


The 2-0 Nikita Tszyu needed less than a round to stop Mason Smith in a brutal display.

A huge uppercut caught Smith in the early stages, knocking him to the canvas, and from that point it was academic.

“He has sleeping pills in both hands,” Ben Damon said on Main Event.

Tszyu was all smiles as he laughed and said post-fight: “It’s the blood that gets to me. That’s what I love, seeing that blood, that bloody nose. The joy I felt from that!”

Damon replied jokingly: “You’re not quite right, Nikita Tszyu.”

Tszyu continued: “I was expecting him to just try and box. I was hoping to get six rounds out of this and really pick up the pace in the final rounds. But he came in with the bombs so I just had to trade with him.”

Asked for his plans moving forward, he said: “I just want to keep improving. I still thought I copped a few shots that I shouldn’t have. There was still a lot of mistakes I made. Still proud of where I am. It’s all baby steps really.

“I’ve been in this sport for a couple of months now – since November. There’s so much more to improve on, just got to keep focussing.”

Asked to give himself a mark out of ten, he said: “I give it a six, six-and-a-half.”

Brother Tim Tszyu was more complimentary: “He just knocked a guy out. 10!”He gloated that he had warned the world of his brother’s immense power: “I told you. I told everyone! Wait til he starts knocking everyone out now. Give him some time, he’ll be knocking the whole division out in Australia – except for me!”

Garside continues rise with solid TKO | 03:08


Just five weeks after going 10 rounds to win the Australian lightweight title, Harry Garside retained that belt with a masterclass performance that saw him claim a seventh-round referee’s stoppage over a tough-as-nails Layton McFerran.

Garside’s footwork and hand speed was simply sublime, pouring on combination after combination in a largely one-sided affair over his 30-year-old Tasmanian rival.

McFerran was never knocked down and refused to back down despite receiving a battering, and was upset when the referee stepped in to wave the bout off in the seventh round.

But the great Jeff Fenech, in commentary for Main Event, declared it a ‘great stoppage’, saying: “He just copped far too much punishment.”

There was a significant concern after the bout as 24-year-old Garside revealed off a bloodied hand – with claret showing on his knuckles through his wrapping – and said he had struggled with hand injuries in multiple recent bouts.

“He has a nasty scab which has just opened up,” Ben Damon revealed post-fight.

Garside said he would look to recover from the injury but declared in the ring: “I want to fight two or three more times” in 2022.

He was applauded for his sportsmanship by congratulating McFerran immediately after the stoppage.

Harry Garside retained the Australian lightweight title.
Harry Garside retained the Australian lightweight title.Source: FOX SPORTS


A long-anticipated bout between fierce rivals Hassan Hamdan and Trent Girdham delivered in spades in an ugly stoush. The pair had traded verbal barbs for months in the lead-up to the bout, including at the weigh-in on Tuesday.

And it lived up to its heated billing in an all-out war. Girdham knocked down his rival in the first round, but Hamdan – trained by the legendary Jeff Fenech – recovered well and had the better of the later rounds.

In the sixth and final round, the pair wrestled and Girdham was sent crashing to the canvas with half of his body outside of the ring – his legs smashing into an official’s table and sending objects and drinks flying.

Girdham appeared injured, and even stretched out a leg by placing one foot on the top rope of the ring. Soon after, he got rocked by a brutal punch, before poking out his tongue, fully stretching out his arms and roaring at Hamdan.

The six-round war was eventually given in Hamdan’s favour via unanimous decision (57-56, 58-55, 58-55), something which sparked an ugly scuffle between the two camps.

Girdham (now 3-1) walked right out of the ring without shaking 5-0 Hamdan’s hand. A member of the Girdham team furiously sprayed Hamdan, before Hamdan’s father Nader – a former world title contender – responded by shoving the opponent cornerman.

Hamdan’s trainer Jeff Fenech said of the drama: “I’m a little bit disappointed. (Girdham’s trainer) Rodney and these guys, if they honestly thought their fighter won the fight, there’s something wrong… We shouldn’t need this crap after a great fight like that.”

Illegal toss sparks post-fight SCUFFLE | 01:02


Earlier, Australian fan favourite Sam Goodman claimed an 11th-straight victory with a sensational comeback win over tough Japanese challenger Fumiya Fuse.

The undefeated Australian – one of the most popular figures in the domestic boxing scene – will also likely earn a world ranking around 10th by those two organisations.

Southpaw Fuse, 11-1 entering the bout, knocked down the Australian with a perfectly-timed counter left hook in the third round.

But Goodman jumped right back to his feet and – despite a conservative gameplan in a slow-burner of a bout – won every round besides the third to secure a 98-91 (x3) unanimous decision victory that earned him both the IBF Intercontinental and WBO Oriental super-bantamweight belts.


– Kris Terzievski def Paul Gallen via unanimous decision (97-92 x3) (Australian and Australasian heavyweight title)

– Nikita Tszyu def Mason Smith via ref stoppage in Round 1

– Harry Garside def Layton McFerran via ref stoppage in Round 7

– Sam Goodman def Fumiya Fuse via unanimous decision (98-91 x3) to win IBF inter-continental and WBO Oriental super-bantamweight titles

– Hass Hamdan def Trent Girdham via unanimous decision (57-56, 58-55 x2)

– Sara Jalonen def Amber Amelia via split decision


– Hironiri Mishiro def Francis Chua via split decision

– Linn Sandstrom def Floryvic Montero via majority decision for the WBC super flyweight Australasian title

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