Ryan Phillippe and daughter Ava Phillippe definitely share DNA, but don’t get it twisted — they are NOT brother and sister!

It’s no secret that Ryan prides himself on his youthful appearance. “I still think of myself as relatively young and I still look relatively young but I am not, clearly,” he quipped during an interview with Forbes. Alas, his dearest daughter Ava is not as enthused about her dad passing for someone even remotely close to her age. In 2015, Ryan confessed to Variety that he still gets carded. “My daughter hates it, because sometimes people have thought I’m her brother, and she’s freaked out by that,” he added. Later, however, Ryan revealed Ava was more than just a little freaked out by the notion that someone could mistake her dad for her brother — she was downright disgusted by it. 

“I know my daughter gets embarrassed by the fact that I do look so young, and I get mistaken for her brother at times which repulses her, he dished to comedian and television host James Corden during an appearance on “The Late Late Show.” He added, “It absolutely repulses her that anyone could mistake me for being her brother.” So uh, yeah. Don’t make that mistake — at least not in front of Ava. You’ve been warned.

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