In 2011, David Harbour portrayed shipbroker Ernest Simpson in “W.E.,” the Madonna-directed retelling of Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson’s controversial love story. Like most of the Material Girl’s cinematic efforts, the film, which also starred James D’Arcy and Abbie Cornish, bombed with audiences and critics alike. But Harbour is unlikely to have been too bothered about the negative response. The role allowed him to meet the star who’d been a formative influence in his youth.

Speaking to the year before its release, the New Yorker revealed that there was one reason and one reason only that he accepted the part of Wallis’ second husband: “It’s a great script and story, but to be honest I mostly wanted to hang out with Madonna for a couple of months. She made me a man when I was 12 years old. I remember the exact video, ‘Open Your Heart.'” In a separate chat with MTV News, he shared that he’s also a fan of the tune “Like a Prayer.”

Not only did Harbour get the chance to work with his pre-teen idol, he also got to bust a few moves with her, too. The “Hellboy” star told, “The best part is I got to dance with Madonna to Madonna music, which was the most surreal thing ever. It’s like watching ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ with Al Pacino. That’s next on my list.”


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