A family of art and activism, it seems that Don Cheadle and his wife have rubbed off on their children, who are already making waves in the world. 


Don Cheadle is one of the many producers behind the meta-musical “A Strange Loop.” He won a Tony Award for his part in the production. 

The story is about a man named Usher who is queer and writing his first musical, fighting with the voices in his head who hinder his progress — Michael R. Jackson wrote the script. 

Don Cheadle at The Samsung Studio on March 15, 2016 in Austin. | Source: Getty Images

Don Cheadle at The Samsung Studio on March 15, 2016 in Austin. | Source: Getty Images


Other star producers of the musical are Billy Porter, Mindy Kaling, Ilana Glazer, Alan Cumming, Megan Ellison, Marc Platt, RuPaul Charles, and Jennifer Hudson

But, Don doesn’t only need partners to help him in the production field but also a partner to help him through life when he needs her. Bridgid Coulter is that person. 



Coulter was born on August 2, 1968, in California. A producer and actress, she is most well-known for her parts in the 1992 series “Martin” and the 2016 series “Westworld” — lastly, the 1997 “Rosewood” which was her first film. 

But, now, flexing her creative muscles in a different direction, she has moved over to designing, where Coulter now runs her design firm in Los Angeles. 

She and Don met on the set of Rosewood and eventually became a couple. But, they only married secretly during the pandemic. However, their friends were under the impression that they were already legally bound to one another. 




Ayana and Imani were born the daughters of Don and his wife. They are both adults in their mid-20s, but their father says that even though they are more independent, they are all still close.

While it’s hard always to get them together, Don says, when they do, it’s lovely. They tend to travel to Africa, which has become his favorite continent for the father to visit. 


While both of his children are private, they seem interested in show businesses. While Imani studied Marine Science at Boston University, she currently works as a Script Reader for her father’s company, the Radicle Act Productions. 

We know less about her sibling Ayana, but their mother did refer to them as “son” in an Instagram post that was shared in honor of National Son’s Day. Their YouTube profile also states they’re”… interested in Directing and Cinematography.”


Beyond the entertainment industry, and according to Don, these two are very much socially aware and engaged in activism. Speaking on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” he said

“We were at the house the other day and. My daughters getting ready with a  bunch of friends, and I said, ‘You guys going to a club? Where are you going?” She said, “No, we’re getting ready to go to a Black Lives Matter rally.'”

He then went on to say that it is going o be the younger generation who are going to make a difference in the world. 



Don’s children’s social awareness could have been inherited from himself, who participates in a lot of activism and has been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

In 2019 while hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL), he wore a shirt that read “Protect Trans Kids” while introducing guest Gary Clark Jr. to the stage.

There was a joyous uproar on the internet of many thanking him for using his celebrity power to put an important message out.  



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