Sam Page’s wife, Cassidy Boesch, is also the mother to his three children. The couple had a love story that began with a broken promise and is now flourishing as their days as partners and parents continue.


Before Sam Elliott adopted the stage name Sam Page, he was a Wisconsin-born boy who graduated from Princeton University with a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology.

After his college education, Page became a fixture on television, starring in the CBS series “Shark” and WB’s “7th Heaven.” Along with his popularity was his fans’ growing interest in his life behind the scenes, including his relationship with Cassidy Boesch.


Page, who starred in several Hallmark Channel movies, including “The Perfect Christmas Present” and “The Story of Us,” had a love story with Boesch worthy of being turned into a film.

Sam Page Had His Own ‘Meet Cute’ Moment

Two weeks before meeting Boesch, Page and his close friends made a pact to stay single for the entire summer. It was a vow Page was willing to honor. However, when his paths crossed with Boesch’s at a cocktail party neither of them wanted to attend, Page knew he had to tell his pals. He recalled:

“I went to my friends and said, ‘Hey guys. So, I meant that promise when I made it, but I’m out.’ I hadn’t been looking for a relationship, but I recognized the greatest person in my life when I saw her.”



It only took one evening for the beginning of their love story to commence. Page and Boesch talked the whole night until he dropped her home. Interestingly, they lived in the same neighborhood and had more in common than they thought. The rest is history.

Sam Page Married Cassidy Boesch at a Beautiful Villa outside Santa Barbara

In November 2014, Boesch married the love of her life. The wedding ceremony took place at a beautiful villa right outside Santa Barbara, California. According to a source, “it was truly a fairy-tale weekend” at the outdoor garden ceremony.

The couple had their closest friends and family in attendance to witness their coming together as husband and wife, including “Mean Girls” star Jonathan Bennett. The “Mad Men” actor posted a few snippets from the special day, including a group photo with his groomsmen in black suits and bowties.



Boesch gave birth to their first son, Logan, and her spouse announced the fantastic news on social media.

Page also shared a photo of the memorable moment they shared their first kiss as husband and wife. Boesch looked stunning beside her new husband as she donned a gorgeous laced white wedding dress with a short train.

Sam Page and Cassidy Boesch Are Proud Parents of Three

Boesch spent the first two years of her married life making new memories with her husband alone, but in 2016, they celebrated a significant milestone with another person. Boesch gave birth to their first son, Logan, and her spouse announced the fantastic news on social media.



Then 39, Page shared an Instagram photo of his newborn cozying up to their family’s dog. He called Logan the “newest, best, and brightest part of my life.” He later shared a photo of himself holding his son in his arms.

Boesch is the organization’s co-director, working towards helping toddlers hone their skills and expand their knowledge at a young age.

In 2018, Boesch gave birth to two more additions to their family, twin girls named Evie and Annabelle. It wasn’t long before Boesch shared the news on social media, alongside a photo of her and Page kissing above their two angels.


The couple’s lives changed another two years later when they moved into a gorgeous Los Angeles farmhouse featured in Architectural Digest. This is the home where they are raising their three kids.

Since becoming a father, Page’s perspective on life has changed. He started dreaming of a world where his children could see people always helping each other. According to the actor, the idea of caring for and helping members of society is still deep within each person.

He is working towards raising his children in a loving environment with Boesch. However, he is still active in show business and prioritized wrapping up the shooting for “The Bold Type’s” final season after his twin daughters’ birth. Page also famously appeared in “House of Cards” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”



Meanwhile, Boesch is preoccupied with running The Playgroup House, an educational program she founded. Boesch is the organization’s co-director, working towards helping toddlers hone their skills and expand their knowledge at a young age.

The Playgroup House utilizes fun activities and play experiences for children to learn while having fun. They also reinforce different concepts through storytelling, acceptance of emotions, and play. According to their website, the organization’s lead teachers are all Master’s degree holders in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy.

Boesch and Page are undoubtedly raising their children to be close to one another. With the experiences they will share, the couple’s kids can grow up to be as close as supermodel Gisele Bündchen was to her twin sister, Patricia Bündchen.

Gisele and Patricia were twins who had been through challenges and triumphs together. Beyond their relationship as siblings, the two are also professionally connected, as Patricia is her sister’s manager and spokesperson. The two remain close at heart despite being miles away from each other.


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