Several fans became curious about who Michael Dudich was after a tribute to him was made at the end of “Aftermath,” a film showing on Netflix. The film’s main characters also used the surname Dadich.


Michael was a writer who wrote several fantasy books, including “The Silver Sphere,” a recipient of Gold (highest award) at the Mom’s Choice Awards in the Young Adult – Fantasy category. The books also have high ratings on Goodreads, indicating largely favorable reviews from readers.

Michael tragically passed away in June 2020 when he suffered a recurring brain aneurysm. He is survived by his wife, Jenna Dudich, and son, Jackson Dadich. His friend, the director of the “Aftermath,” Peter Winther, was shocked to learn of Michael’s sudden passing after talking to him a few hours earlier.


Michael ‘Escapes into Parallel Worlds’

Michael’s passion for writing was visible from a young age. At age 8, he began his journey as a writer, putting down his words on a steno pad. It did not take long till he started creating the setting for his long-running series, “The Silver Sphere.” The fantasy story established in his young mind continued to develop in his older days.

“The Silver Sphere” is now an award-winning book series that inspires young adults to be creative and imaginative to empower themselves against their harsh realities. Michael hopes his stories provide a fresh and entertaining view of the classic young adult fantasy adventure.



However, Michael noted, “Despite my frequent escapes into parallel worlds, I root myself firmly in my very real family and community.” Therefore, the fantasy world did not completely take control of him, and he could still spend time with his son and wife, teach local youth sports, and hike with his German Shepherd.

Besides “The Silver Sphere,” which has an average rating of 4.11 out of 177 reviews on Goodreads, Michael also has two other books he released. The first, “The Cistern Mission – A Short Story,” published in 2013, boasts largely positive reviews. A three-book special edition box set called “Three Realms” was published in 2014.


Michael Dadich Was Noted in the “Aftermath” Credits

According to HITC, Michael’s connection with “Aftermath’s” director Winther may have inspired the naming of the film’s main actors, Natalie and Kevin, who use the surname “Dadich” in the movie.

Dadich is survived by his wife, Jenna, and his son Jackson.

Michael is noted in the film’s credits, as the filmmakers paid tribute to him after his passing. The movie stars Shawn Ashmore and Ashley Greene and follows a young couple who move into a great house that had recently been a murder-suicide scene. However, the house’s past is darker than that and starts to haunt them.



Michael Passed Away from a Brain Aneurysm

Michael’s sudden death was a shock to his loved ones. His friend and movie director, Winther, was on hand to express his surprise and sorrow after Michael’s passing. His Instagram post was captioned:

“It’s crazy that yesterday evening one of the greatest, most loving friends I’ve ever met on this twisted planet was alive and well. Today, as of 10 hours ago, Michael Dadich is no longer here. I’m still spinning.”


Dadich is survived by his wife, Jenna, and his son Jackson. According to Jackson, he was out with his friends when he got a distressed phone call asking him to come home. An unsure Jackson knew something was wrong when he saw an ambulance outside their home.

Jackson recalled, “I ran inside, but they wouldn’t let me go upstairs.” After pacing back and forth downstairs, the family received the dreaded news that Michael had died. The cause of death was recorded as a brain aneurysm. He had suffered a similar episode on one occasion 17 years before that fateful day.


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