WILD theory LSU ditched National Anthem in game against Iowa

In one of the most viewed women’s college basketball games in history, the Iowa Hawkeyes beat the LSU Tigers in a 94-87 victory, which will advance them to the Final Four.

But Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese weren’t the only subjects of conversation.

LSU made a point to leave the court before the national anthem — as is their habit — while the Hawkeyes “stood holding hands.”

“LSU coach, Kim Mulkey, said that it wasn’t intentional” and that “they have a routine of leaving the court at a certain time,” according to reports.

However, LSU’s heartbreaking loss is what Sara Gonzales calls “karma.”

“That loss couldn’t have happened to a more deserving team,” she says.

While Kim Mulkey certainly has her critics, she also is known as “an antichrist to the left,” says Grant Stinchfield. “She dresses like a female; she doesn’t want dating between girls on the team; she is literally hated by [liberals].”

“I actually believe [Mulkey] when she says they went in before [the song],” he says, but regardless, “you should know when the national anthem is, especially in the political climate we live in.”

“I guess, then, my question would just be why is the routine time always coinciding with the national anthem?” asks Sara.

Grant may just have a theory that answers Sara’s question.

“Is this a setup job on her because she’s so despised?” he asks, noting that “there’s something fishy going on between Iowa and LSU.”

“Conspiracy theories in this day and age end up always being true, so that’s a fascinating one,” says Sara.

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