It’s a fact that Jerry Jones is not getting any younger. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys has worked for years to turn his team into a dynasty, without achieving it, which is why, after the disappointment of these playoffs, he decided to throw all his effort into the next season.


The Cowboys’ regular season made the team and the fans dream big. With a 12-5 record, the leadership of head coach Mike McCarthy, and quarterback Dak Prescott in full force, Super Bowl LVIII seemed within reach.

However, a painful 48-32 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card Round destroyed those dreams and made Jones seriously reconsider his team’s direction.

In an interview with local media, the 81-year-old businessman said that he is not thinking about the future and, on the contrary, he will go all out in the next NFL season.

The present is the only thing that matters to Jones

“We will be going all in. I would say that you will see us this coming year, not build it for the future,”Jones said in an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. This statement becomes important when remembering that McCarthy and Prescott are in the last year of their contracts.

Analysts believe that Jones is thinking that if these two do not get the long-awaited championship or at least a deep run in the playoffs, the time will come to rebuild the team from the ground up.

Jones likes to talk in riddles, and Prescott’s future was no exception, as he assured that his signal-caller has not managed to change his mind about his future. Yet, he also said, “We will go as far as Dak takes us in the playoffs. Remember that. We will go as far as Dak takes us. And that is how far we went. That doesn’t change a thing.”

Jones’ contradictions

Later, in a statement published by the Cowboys’ official website, Jones himself assured that the team has room to improve, especially its quarterback. “We’re right at a key spot with Dak. Dak has improved since Mike [McCarthy] has been here, and I think we can look forward to that improvement,” he stated.

He was no less cryptic about his HC’s future: “Certainly, he is in the final year of his contract, so he is under contract, so we didn’t really have to do anything at all.”

Jones assured that negotiations for a renewal or extension do not have to begin the day after the last game. “That’s kind of a wrong signal to send that there’s no more future than just this year in the picture.”

Work for next season began the day after the loss to the Packers, and that work will have to be intensive if Jones is thinking short-term. The cards are on the table, and there is no turning back for anyone on the team.

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