Although he won that 2020 championship in the bubble with Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James hasn’t gone through the best experience in LA since he arrived. Time keeps running out for him and these Lakers don’t seem like they will be a great place for him to keep fighting for trophies. Fortunately for him, James is still delivering All-Star level stats on a consistent basis. Any team that wants to trade for him will still get the best LeBron James they can get. There is simply too much instability in the Lakers for LeBron to consider he wants to continue playing there. But there are also other reasons he may start looking for a new place to land.

LeBron James reacts to his son Bronny’s game during an interview

What will LeBron James look for in his next team?

There are a number of other aspects that the team will need to consider if they want to trade for LeBron James. First of all, it has to be a team that actually has chances of winning titles. In that category, there are many great teams that could opt to sign James. Another important aspect is LeBron James’ salary, which is the max and non-negotiable. The fact that LeBron James is already pushing 40 doesn’t matter because he is still playing at the All-Star level. But perhaps the trickiest part of this is the fact that James wants to play for a team that can offer him the opportunity to play alongside his son, Bronny James when he makes it to the NBA.

If you put all three things together, then you will have a decent suitor for LeBron James to even consider playing there. The Lakers may still be that team but GM Rob Pelinka needs to understand that so much instability means they are playing with fire. James can get up and leave at any moment due to the lack of results he is obviously seeking. Teams that could potentially give him what he wants are not as many as we might think. Many teams have that type of cap space to hire LeBron. We have the Detroit Pistons, the Charlotte Hornets, the Orlando Magic, the Utah Jazz, the Toronto Raptors, and the San Antonio Spurs. But only the Philadelphia 76ers have both the money to pay LeBron and the willingness to put him and Bronny together.

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