Uploading your video 

Thanks for clicking through to the video upload site.

You need to save your video to your desktop, locate it using the “browse” button below and then click “submit video”.

Alternatively, you may email your video directly to lucy.scott@mailonline.co.uk

Please remember to use the same email address and name as you entered into the survey so we can locate and reward you the right amount for your hard work. 

Once you’ve uploaded the video – please return to the survey and complete the remaining section – which should only take you a few more minutes.  We really appreciate your time so far.


Tips for your video

Your video can be very simple and recorded from a mobile device, webcam or a video camera. You

MailOnline MailOnline

will then need to save your video to a computer so you upload here and submit to us.  It only needs to be a short video.  As a guide somewhere around 30 seconds to 1 minute – don’t worry if it is longer though.

Please include the following in your video:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Where you live – just the Town and State
  • Your job/career
  • How often you visit MailOnline
  • Why you visit MailOnline
  • The things you like best about MailOnline
  • Where and when you visit MailOnline

Thank you – we really look forward to seeing your video.

Source: Daily Mail | BBC News & Gossip

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