Before Dwayne Johnson was Black Adam and before he was the highest paid actor in Hollywood, he was The Rock. As a major WWE star he was known for many things, one of which was what he called “The People’s Eyebrow,” as Johnson has a unique ability to raise just one, quite significantly. To this day, The Rock’s eyebrow is one of his trademarks, but now Johnson may need to sue a cow for trademark infringement.

A fan posted a video to Twitter of The Rock doing his little eyebrow move, followed by a cow doing the same. Dwayne Johnson found the cow as funny as the rest of us. He says he was not expecting to see this.

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The People’s Eyebrow became one of The Rock’s trademark moves in WWE. It was just something he did, because he could do it, that people responded to and so it frequently became a sort of punctuation at the end of his big WWE TV promos. People tended to go crazy when he did it. It became the best way to parody The Rock and even he would use it to laugh at himself on occasion. 

I feel like this video needs The Rock’s old WWE theme music playing over to get the full effect, but it’s still pretty damn funny to see what amounts to an eyebrow raising contest between Dwayne Johnson and a cow. One person in the comments refers to it as “Black Adam vs. Black Angus” and that’s perfect. 

Of course, the cow should probably be careful. If Dwayne Johnson decides that the bovine is cutting in on his action a little much, he could end up literally eating the thing. We’ve seen how much food The Rock can eat. He can probably dispose of most of that animal on a cheat day if he were so inclined. 

Dwayne Johnson’s had a good year with the release of Black Adam finally happening after The Rock had been working on the project for years. The film was a box office hit and is now available for fans to pick up via digital stores. Johnson is currently in production on Red One, a Christmas action movie co-starring Chris Evans. No word if they’ll find a place for a cameo for the eyebrow raising cow. 

Now I’m wondering how many other animals are capable of raising a single eyebrow? Could we build an entire zoo from animals capable of pulling this same move? I’ll certainly be keeping my own eyes, with eyebrows firmly in place, out to see if this something all cows can do, or if this one is just a big Dwayne Johnson fan. 

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